Monday, September 14, 2009

Not much going on here . . .

. . . and yet so much has happened in the last few months. First, I should explain my recent hiatus! I am pregnant. Yep!! I am almost 12 weeks and so, happily, it looks like this one is going to stay! :)

While I am overjoyed with this news, I am also barely pulling myself out of the abyss that is the first trimester. Living on Zofran, waking up out of a deep sleep to pee, dying at the smell of my children's breath, and wanting to sleep all day long. Oh, I am so glad that this is my last time to experience these joys of motherhood.

Yes, this is going to be my last pregnancy and so we all know what that means! I do not want a repeat of last time. LOL! Of course, I will take a healthy baby regardless but, I can still pray for a girl, right? :)

In the meantime, Owen has turned three! I am a horrible mother for not posting about it - but, here is a picture of my sweet little devil! It was a very low key event.

Also, my parents came out to visit us for about a month. It was great. My dad took Myles on daily bike rides, encouraging him to ride up hills instead of just pushing his bike. My mom also cooked for me and did my laundry - she pretty much got me through the "depths of hell" (a.k.a. first trimester)! I was wonderful to have the help and the company.

Grandpa making chocolate chip pancakes

While they were here, my parent decided that they wanted to be closer to family and (the real pull!) their grandkids. So, they told us that they were going to try to move here . . . into the same neighborhood if they could. You can imagine our surprise! I think that this will be a great thing. I have never lived by my mother since I have been married. I think that my children will love it too! Of course, I think that my parents are going to work on my brother and his wife in Florida to see if they can convince them to move to Utah as well!!

My parents were also in town to see the kids go off on their first day of school. Here are the proud boys. Of course, I would like to point out that Asher is at the age where he really has his own sense of fashion. LOL!

Asher's first day in the 4th grade

Owen goes to his first day at the neighborhood "preschool" / joy club - he LOVEEEES it!!

First day of Kindergarten finally arrives for Myles. He is such a big boy now because he gets to ride the bus! Owen is showing his support by donning his own backpack. :)

And finally, I just wanted to mention that I made the NieNie's Mud Cake Magnifique a few months ago for my friend's birthday. A cake decorator I am not, but, I do think that the cake was delicious!! The recipe was easy to follow though I did have a hard time finding the mascarpone cheese. I finally found it at Smith's in their specialty cheese section. Of course, if I do make the cake again, I will make some adjustments . . . to umm, the mistakes that I made. LOL!

The girl who created the recipe is so cute and creative. You should really check out her blog, Conversations with a Cupcake.

Anywho, I am going to try to reconnect with society again. The Beehive Bazaar is coming up and they are accepting applications right now. Sooooo, time to dust off the sewing machine! :)


Dawna said...

Zoe! I bought all the ingredients tonight and I'm making it tomorrow for our RS chocolate Potluck! What tips do you have for me? If it's long just email me at Thanks! It looks perfect!

Erica said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I sooooo wondered to myself if you were pregnant, you know since you dropped off the face of the earth and all!! Yay you! So glad to see you blogging again...miss you Zoe. Sleep the day away guilt free my friend.

Evey said...

Congrats to you my friend. That is fantastic news.