Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Results Are In

**Due to the graphic nature of the photos in this post, content might not be suitable for all viewers **

I thought that the answer would best speak for itself so I have included a picture so you can share in the moment of discovery as we did.

As you can clearly see, our baby is a boy. "A boy", you ask? Yes, that is very, most accurately correct. "But I thought that you wanted a girl?" Yes. I did. I must confess that I cried. I tried to hide it from Asher. I also threw up. It was a rough morning. Then, after taking a long nap, I came to terms with the news. I have been on the phone most of the day with friends and family who have helped me to see the multiple benefits of having a family full of boys. My husband has also promised me that we can have a urinal in our next house!

I really appreciate it and I am over my wallowing. I am so extrememly grateful that we are having a healthy baby. I am so grateful that I can concieve and have my own children. I am so grateful. I am also excited to have another sweet, loving, tender, and dear boy in our home. I am so happy that I got to see my baby's face and little body. He is 8 inches long and his little feet are 1 1/4 inches. He is perfect.

Thanks for being excited for me. I really appreciate it.


Lei said...

Well, I'll add a couple reasons for ya...

1. you pick the CUTEST baby boy names
2. boys take good care of their moms when they grow up
3. no drama or pms to deal with (sheesh, potty training is enough, isn't it?)
4. or weddings to pay for :)
5. for that matter, you'll save $$$ in the wardrobe area, as well...
6. all in all, boys are easier, and that's a fact... I'm sure you'll live longer than me, let's put it that way :)


Taylor said...

Hi Zoe. Let me just tell you this, my husband is from family of 3 boys + 1 stepbrother. Guess who we hang out with every weekend? His brothers. Who helps us whenever we move or need something fixed? His brothers. Who's there when ever we need them? His brothers.

It is an amazing bond that I have been blessed to experience. I am an only child and I would give anything to have the chance to have that. On top of having 3 boys his Mother was also single mother after she had my husband who is the youngest. I tell you, the stories she shares at family gatherings are priceless.

You never know what the future holds for you...maybe there could be one last chance for you to have a baby girl on down the road. Or maybe you will get one heck of a daughter-in-law in the future, like me! Hehehehehe =)

And another Mother wanted 5 boys, got 1 girl. She said it evened out. Ha!

Ju said...

Hi. I stopped by via Taylor. First I want to say congratulations! Ever since I've had my daughter, I look at pregnancy and having babies a whole new way!

From reading your blog, I'm guessing you really wanted a girl, but hey look at it this way, you are still the Queen in the household =)

God has different plans for different people, and I know if you want more children, God will bless you with a beautiful daughter.

smartmama said...

well being the lone xx in my house i say boys rock- there is something to the clothing cost benefit-and i know you are up on the psych. of boys-- they need a "pack"
healthy babies yay!!

Taylor said...

I just also wanted to say that I love the U/S pictures...they are great! We didn't get a clear profile picture of Tristyn like that. I believe it was the back of her head, LOL.

oh...and...that's like a big "not a leg" obvious! ROFL!

OH! and names? I wanna know about names!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,
As you know I have 3 boys and 1 girl. I didn't find out the sex of my second child. I KNEW in my heart it was a girl. When I had HIM, the doctor said, "you have another son". I said, "no I don't. That isn't mine". Anyway, I came to terms with it and he has been the best son I could ever ask for. I did get my daughter but just to let you know, the boys are much less emotional than Abby. And she is not even a teenager yet!! Just like the other girl said; my husband is from a family of 4 boys, no sisters, and they are all so close, best friends. You are very lucky to still be the queen. (But we'll still hope for a girl with the next baby!!) Let us know the names your thinking about! Laura

Zoe said...

All of you, thank you sooooo much!! Your comments mean more to me than you will ever know. They totally made my day! Thank you. :):)

Bumbling Bav said...

I know how you felt and now how you feel. So now congrats on the up coming birth of a new little man!!!

Jen Stewart said...

Trust me I have 2 girls, you're not missing much! A boy is a LOT easier to raise from BIRTH and up then a girl by far.

Congradulations sweetie - I'm so excited for you though! Boy or girl, this is going to be ONE VERY loved baby, and ONE Lucky guy :)


Evey said...

Congrats on the new little guy. I cant wait to see pictures when he pops into the world;)

Miranda said...

I found your blog on Evey's site. Congrats on having a boy! That's the clearest ultrasound pic I've ever seen! We are expecting a baby girl in 7 weeks...and naming her Zoe!

Proud SAHM said...

Congratulations, Zoe!! Wishing you much happiness!!