Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sterling is out of town . . .

. . . for one week. It is also spring break for my children. Please view the above picture of my alter ego. That is how I feel right now.

So far -
- two of the boys have had pink eye, again
- Owen bit through his tongue
- Prudence, the puppy, has had diarrhea all over the house (not to mention the patch of carpet behind our sofa that I just discovered as her downstairs eliminating station!)
- A tube of toothpaste has been consumed, by Owen
- It is snowing outside (it is April folks!!! What is up with that?!)

1 comment:

Nicole H. said...

I LOVE IT!! Zoe you by far are my craziest friend, and I love you for it! I love your altar egos, you are hilarious! Life is crazy when dad is gone, my kids seem to be out of control as well. Unfortunatly dad leaves every night at bed time, so they turn into crazed maniacs at bed time. Go figure! Keep up the good work, your boys are adorable!