Monday, April 20, 2009

Sterling is home!

Hooray! I seriously admire single mothers soooo much. I don't know how they do it. But then again, they are probably raising sweet children - not my little hellions. Yep, if I haven't admitted it before I will say it now for the world to hear - I am raising 3 maniac children.

They are entertaining most of the time. Like yesterday for example. I went downstairs to check on Owen, who was watching t.v. He casually turned to me from the sofa and said "Hi Mommy".

Apparently, he had found a bag of left over Good n' Plenties (which no one in our family likes) and was sucking the hard candy shell off. The sticky licorice parts were scattered all around him. But this in not what bothered me. It was the blue piece of candy that was sticking out of his nose.

When I asked Owen about it, he got a guilty look on his face and quickly tried to push it up higher so that I wouldn't see it. Nice. Don't worry. I got it out. Yuck!!

I love my little monkeys. I just keep chanting to myself "this will pass . . . this is just a moment in time!" I guess that I don't want these years to go by too quickly. Though, I might need some Valium to make it through! :)


briana said...

this is proof that a girls night is in order!

Meg said...

I love the pictures!! So typical- glad you have help again. I know what you mean by praising women who have to raise children alone. It's a tough job.