Wednesday, April 08, 2009

If I show you this . . .

. . . you better not hold it against me. It was a raging night and I don't even drink!! Nope. No alcohol for me, just some music and I pretty much start acting like a maniac. This picture is actually from about a month ago. Some of our friends invited us over for an 80's Rock Band party. They told us to dress up . . . they had no idea what that invitation would mean for me and Sterling!! Oh the hours we spent shopping for the perfect outfit. Please, don't make too much fun of me!! LOL!

Aside from that little shindig a few weeks back, things have proved to be rather crazy at home. Sterling has been slaving away to put together my office/crafting space. (Which is actually coming together quite nicely.) I am pretty much left with just the counter tops to install. I will be posting pictures soon.

I have also been sewing away . . . getting ready for the bazaar. Jeremy and I always panic when it comes down to the wire - worrying that we won't have enough inventory!! Pshaw!!

And finally, Myles and I were messing around, taking some pictures the other day. He loves to see himself on camera!!

I, on the other hand, do not usually like what I see in my pictures (as previously mentioned the "deer in headlights" look)! Anywho, Sterling and I have had this debate for a while now. I KNOW that my nose is crooked. Sterling says it is not. I am not a particularly vain person (umm, especially when it comes to losing weight!!) but I really think that a nose job is in order. It seems as I am getting older, my nose is veering more to the right. I don't like it . . . not one bit.

. . . don't you see it? I think that my nose is looking a bit wide too . . . humm.


b said...

you my friend are beautiful. maybe you need lasik cause your nose looks fine to me. seriously!

briana said...

oops! i hate it when i do that!

Erica said...

Seriously? I think you must have smoked something at that 80's part-A that has clouded you nose judging! You are B-utiful child!! Look at that sassy pose! If you get a nose job I might have to stop coming to your blog.....unless you have a "deveated septum" (or whatever) like Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston etc. Then you'd have a case...teehee :)

Zoe said...

Thank you B - I appreciate your kind words. I don't know if I can let it go though . . . he he! :)

Erica - I think that it is a deveated septum . . . LOL!

Heidi P said...

80's Party? You must have awesome friends.
Zoe, your a babe. We are all up against unreal women...UGH...Not that I wouldn't take some fakies and some face work..but come on!?! So don't feel like your perfectly airbrushed?! But your beautiful. Keep it real, man.


Evey said...

LOVE the 80's pic, that is outstanding! haha!

Lei said...

Picasso, I mean Zoe, you are B-e-a-utiful!