Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been tagged by Kathy! Humm, I am usually bad with these things so I thought that it was time I pick up the slack a little. So here goes -

4 Things I Love About My Husband:
1.)He wrestles with our boys - something that I fear too much for my life to do.
2.)He works from home, and therefore is usually willing to help me out during the day.
3.)He likes to read a lot of the same books that I read, so that we can discuss them later.
4.)He gives me wings so that I can fly :)

4 Movies That I Could Watch Over and Over:
*Honestly, I really hate watching movies over and over but . . . there are a few that I really love.

1.)Napoleon Dynamite
2.)Somewhere in Time (Richarddddd)
3.)Nacho Libre (Naaachooo)
4.) . . . Oh, wait, I just realized that now that Mamma Mia is a movie, I could watch that over and over again . . . and sing the whole time!! :)

I really just hate watching movies twice, unless I haven't seen it in a long time

4 TV Shows That I Watch:
1.) The Office - duh!! :)
2.) Kath and Kim (really like it)
3.) Worst Week (another new show that just cracks me up . . . Sterling can handle it though, gives him too much anxiety)
4.)The Mentalist (also new)
*Didn't put Lost because it hasn't started yet!

4 Places That I Have Been:
1.) On top of a mountain on the 4th of July - secluded from society, watching the fireworks reflect off the other mountains
2.) Swimming in the Pacific Ocean under the moonlight
3.) At the peak of labor without an epidural (OUCH!)
4.) Riding a bike across the Mexican border

4 Places That I Would Love to Go:
2.) Greece
3.) New York
4.) Italy

4 Things That I Look Forward To In The Next Year:
1.) Having my last baby (not pregnant yet . . .)
2.) Enrolling Myles in kindergarten (YIPPEEE!)
3.) Seeing the "Twilight" movie ( life changing event, I know!)
4.) Growing another year older with my husband

4 People I Tag:
1.) Audrey
2.) Erica
3.) Leilani
4.) Heidi


Heidi P said...

Cute! Wind beneth my wings :) Your funny.
I sometimes watch a movie twice in the same day. If I go to the Theater and I have loved the movie-I go again!? I have been to Jeruselem too. Amazing.. Fun Tag!

Nicole H. said...

cute list zoe! another baby huh... let me know! good luck

Lei said...

Wow your places you have been are amazing, Zoe!

K - I'll get around to this eventually. I *may* have already done it.:)