Sunday, October 26, 2008

One year older and wiser too . . .

Yes folks, that's right! I just turned *druuuuummmmmroooollllll*


*shock* *gasp* *ahhh*

I'm over it.

Actually, I have fully accepted the fact that I am officially in my 30's. I think that I am okay for a couple of years until I start getting closer to 40. Man, seriously, I feel like I am still 25. I didn't see it coming!

I had a wonderful birthday. Lots of spoiling by Sterling who whisked me away for the weekend to enjoy sleep, shopping, eating, and sleeping. So nice to sleep in . . .

Sterling was so patient and helpful as he followed me from shop to shop, behaving as my shopping companion. I know that this is hard for any man to do and so I really really appreciated it. I was so happy that I could have the present that I wanted most of all . . . time alone with him.

Of course, no Zoe birthday would be complete without a trip to Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop. This is seriously!!! Each creation from this store is a work of art! I had my first mouthwatering bite of a Mrs. Backer's cake about 5 years ago. Sheer ecstasy people. I LOVED it. Since then, it has been our tradition to get one every year on my birthday. Buttercream birthday cake is one of my most favorite treats! I am telling you guys, you have not lived until you have had a Mrs. Backer's treat. It's as simple as that.

Among some of the gifts that I received were this wonderful book from my dear friend Mandy. I think that any woman and mother will appreciate this book. I have been deeply touched by the stories that I have read.

I would also like to thank my mother for the 50 dollars of cold hard cash that is meant for nothing other than fabric from!! I am already carefully scanning the site for my most perfect selections . . . ummm, my Precious.

I will say though, this year, I was given one of the most resourceful gifts ever. It was from my friend Amber. In her card she wrote:

These Slippers are -

*Soft and hygienic

*Non-slip grip strips on sole

*Built in deodorant feature keeps feet smelling fresh

*No more bending over to mop up spills

*Disposable and Biodegradable

*Environmentally safe

*Three convenient sizes, Regular, Light Day, and Get out the Sandbags

Ingenious. That's all I can say!

Thank you to everyone who thought of me on my birthday. It was great to receive your emails and phone calls and birthday wishes! I love you guys!! :)


i am bri said...

i can't believe i missed it. :( when was it EXACTLY? (then i will know for next year.) time away with the hottie hubby is always the best! AND, i must add, we are the same age! I will be 34 in january! sounds foreign coming out of my mouth. and YES, i am STILL sick. i think i am on the down hill finally though. thanks for thinking of me. oh and happy birthday!

Heidi P said...

Man, I am a loser too! I didn't even know!? Was it the day I even talked to you?! Great. I feel like a dork.
Glad you got to get away and SHOP..My fav too...Hope it was great. I am glad we are friends Zoe! :) *LuVS* Happy Birthday!!

i am bri said...

seriously. so sweet. you did not need to do that. thank you so much! and it was delicious. thank you thank you!

i am bri said...

btw-i called and left a message on your answering machine.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpio. I appreciate your affinity for the Mrs. Backer's cakes. They are divine! My Mom loved them as well and my Dad treated her to one every year on her birthday too. Don't you just love those frosting flowers! Now that she has passed away, we still get one to share on her birthday as a remembrance. The cakes are definitely a fun tradition.

Jed and Kathy said...

Happy birthday, Zoe! I would say you're an old woman, but I'm the same age as you (or I will be in June). It's nice getting older and becoming more comfortable in your skin (even if it is sagging a little more :) And kudos to Sterling for the nice b-day gift! So glad you had a good day! Luv u!

Erica said...

I do know how much you love that birthday cake!! By the way, is "i am bri" a stalker (with the whole only my hat pics)??? JK

Kelly said...

I love it, too funny! Happy belated birthday, it was mine yesterday and so I've got a little giveaway for it over at my blog... stop by and tell your friends if you like!
Have a great weekend,