Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Update

Just wanted to post some new pictures of the damage repairs done to our house. Coming home from vacation was bitter sweet as our home, though now lifted, looks like it has been through an earthquake or something. Some of the cracks have closed up, but still require drywall repair and painting. Unfortunately, new cracks have appeared in the whole shifting process.

Our basement, especially our t.v. room are not quite fit for living. The "repair" men had to tear out all of the dry wall and carpet. So, for the last few weeks the boys have constantly been under my feet (humm, wait, how is that different from before?!) I like to think that they will spend at least one day getting reacquainted with their toys once they can enter the playroom again!

All in all, Sterling and I were very pleased to see our house return to the elevation that it was meant to be. Now, when we put a ball on the floor of our living room it doesn't roll south . . . which is always nice! LOL!

I have been spending my days replanting, raking, and putting weed barrier down in my flower beds that were torn apart. It has been a good workout!

We also found a wonderful repair man that our neighbor told us about!! He can pretty much do anything! He has been hard at work for a couple of weeks now and I am happy to report that he is putting the carpet back in the t.v. room tomorrow!! Hurray!

In the meantime, we have provided him with a long list of repairs, joking that we should just put him on an allowance (a generous one!!) as he is practically a member of the family now! Asher goes down stairs to see what he is doing first thing in the morning and first thing when he gets home from school. He has a new buddy!

Myles has also started his first year of preschool which is so exciting! Because he only qualified for speech services at the Early Intervention preschool, Myles is going to a regular little preschool down the street. (The one that I did the yearbooks for, of course!! :)

This may seem great but, he doesn't quite seem to fit in at the "normal" preschool setting. My friend who runs the preschool has been very patient with us. She understands how much I want Myles to suceed here although, truly, I want what is best for Myles. So, we are kind of on a trial basis with this preschool.

The first week of school Myles' little class celebrated his birthday because they had missed it in the summer. He loved getting the extra attention but I think that he really loved the treats!

A bit of good news is that I was able to fit Myles in as a "model" student at the "special" preschool!! Ha ha!! That is kind of funny because I don't think that boxing your ears and rolling around on the carpet is quite normal!

So for now, Myles is attending two schools. I know that is sounds extreme but I don't really think that he is going to "fit in" with the students at his first preschool. He is soooo sweet and smart. He has a really silly streak that just can't seem to monitor for himself! *gasp* Isn't that like most three year olds?!

I am not too worried about his development as the "special" preschool teachers assure me that he is doing great and that he is a joy to work with. I really love hearing that! :) It seems like Myles is loving the new routines and the new friends that he is making.

Asher too is doing great at school so far. Well, umm, he did hit a teacher, get sent to the principles office, and almost expelled for three days but . . . thank goodness that they understand Asher's situation.

Hitting has become more of a frequent thing with Asher lately. We have really been trying to explain to him that there is a better way to cope with his emotions. I hope that he can learn this now or I fear that he will have a long/misunderstood road ahead of him. I love him so much, it breaks my heart to see him struggle. I guess that every mother goes through this to some extent.

Well, there you have it. My life has been full of carpooling, repairs, and cleaning (mostly lots of dust!) these days. I can't wait for our home to be put back in order so I can focus more on what really matters the most - helping my little people adjust to this world of ours!! A mother's job is never done!!

*P.S. I am excited to post some pictures of our vacation! We had a great time in Florida and Texas! It was a much needed break!*


kirsten said...

wow, two schools! so he did get into the special needs one through the district? i was so surprised at how strict they are with that - thomas BARELY got in. you have to score SO low in at least one area - but he wasn't ready for a regular preschool either, so thank goodness he got in last year.
pingree seems great so far - just so you know!

Tee said...

Myles and Asher are blessed to have you as a Mom. You do such an excellent job of looking out for their best interests :)

Dancin Queen said...

Our basement flooded at the beginning of this year, and it was such a pain. There are things that still aren't put back together yet (our basement was completely finished) so I totally feel your pain at having the house under construction and it feeling like utter chaos. Hang in there! Sorry!

Shionge said...

Hiya Zoe..the amount of work you have to take care of ....amazing :D

Thanks for the update and glad you have a great time in Florida & Texas :D

Dee Light said...

What a great mom you are!!! Parenting can be stressfull even in ideal situations!!! I love that you take such an active roll in your childrens education. As a teacer I saw so many parents who wanted to denie that their children had special needs, but that is never best for the child!!!
Your kids are so lucky to have you.

Blackeyedsue said...

Seriously, you are the best mom Zoe. I am so impressed how you are such a great advocate.

You don't have to pay for all of these repairs out of pocket do you?

Lei said...

Thanks for the update Zoe! This will all pass and be over soon!

shellyC said...

I hope you have your place all back to yourselves soon. I can imagine it has been painful for you.

smart mama said...

glad for the update i have been wondering about your boys and how they are doing