Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why yes . . . that is my child!

And why is he laying on the floor like that?! Well, this is Myles' idea of a grand escape from time out. It seems that he is not as small as he thinks he is. After realizing that his head was not going to make it under the gate, Myles went for his favorite comfort . . . his thumb. The thing that makes me sad is that he had been stuck in this position for a couple of minutes before I realized what was going on. I just thought that those whimpering noises were sounds of protest. Now, before you call Child Protective Services, I did let him out . . . when his time out was through!! :)

I really do get such joy (most days) from being around these little people of mine. They do the cutest things and I always worry that I am going to forget them. Like tonight for example. I went into Asher's room to tuck him in and noticed this new picture on the wall.

I said to Asher, "Wow, that is a great drawing! I like what you did with those people." He got upset with me and said, "Mom!! That is not a drawing!!! It is a chart for me so I can remember to do my practices!"

Sheesh! Can't I keep up with these things? These past few days Asher has been carrying around a small ball that he has been bouncing in his hands and on his arm. He spends a lot of time studying where the ball will land if he bounces it in a certain way and how he can make for the optimal bounce. He has even come up with some sort of name for his new found technique - "Dribbling . . . something". I guess that he is thinking about turning this into a serious career as he now has his drill chart!!

So, if you look closely, you can see the stick figure practicing with the ball. The other ballerina like image is actually of Asher doing his "Karate". I think that I have mentioned in the past that Asher fancies himself a "Ninja Boy". Well, yesterday he told me that he had been practicing how to fight people. I wasn't too alarmed though because the night before, we had all watched some old family videos. One was of Sterling doing some Aikedo, a martal art. I guess that it inspired Asher. Isn't that so cute!

Well, I guess that I had better prepare myself for many demonstrations tomorrow! I am going to have to remember how serious Asher was about these things when he is trying to pick a major for college someday!


Tee said...

That photo is hilarious!! LOL.

The drawing is great! My 8 year old comes up with crazy things like that, too. And then you say "Nice drawing" and they're so annoyed. LOL.

Miranda said...

That is so cute!
P.S. I sent you an invite to recipe blog.