Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tag! I'm IT!

I just got tagged by Shannon,my new mini swap partner (which I am soooo excited about). So here are the guidelines.

1) Get tagged
2) Post 5 things about yourself that aren't already mentioned in your blog
3) Tag other people that you would like to know more about

Sounds easy enough . . . right!? Well, I am a pretty revealing person so I don't know what more to share - other than . . . .

1) I have realized that I really like to do this . . . . . a lot when I write!

2) I just recently considered entering a contest with Scott's brand toilet paper where you are supposed to share your "Most Cloggiest Moment". Sadly, I have many of these. My best one would have to be the time I went to meet a boyfriend's family over Christmas break in '94. We were skiing up in Washington and staying at a log cabin. I got very constipated and, as you can guess, when it came out . . . (there it is again!) it was not a good thing!! The bathroom had no plunger and I was trapped in the room for at least 15 minutes before I came up with a great plan to grab the "item" from the toilet and throw it out the window. I opened the window in preparation and realized that there was only bright, white, ice/snow outside. It would have been a total give away! So, I found the best contraption I could use to manually ease the "item" down the toilet. After some time, my mission was accomplished. Not one of my proudest moments!

3) My latest favorite song is by Scissor Sisters "I don't feel like Dancin'".

4) My lunch today was frozen cookie dough.

5) I love stuff!!! I really do. I am not a pack rat or anything but I LOVE stuff. Especially unique, crafty, cool, and even nerdy stuff. I go crazy over magazines that have columns about interesting finds. Humm, someday, I am going to make a post about the "stuff" that I have that I really like. :) I know, I am a nerd.

**So, who would I like to learn more about? Well, definitely Miranda, EmLouisa (whose blog I just love to read but I am not sure that she has visited me yet!), and Evey (who I have never been able to get to do a tag . . . come on)!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi. You had left a comment on my blog back on the 8th and I just read it now. Sorry about that! I am not Bumbling Bav. I am not sure where she went. Last I heard she packed up and called it quits. :(

Sandy said...

you can be the "....." queen and I am the Put-hyphens-between-words queen, lol! I can't stop!

Miranda said...

Ok I did it. ;)

shellyC said...

oh your clogging story was so funny!!! I have had one of those experiences - but I let my husband take to it with a knife!!!

oh and the goanna in that photo was not near our tent - about 100meters away.

Tee said...

Bathroom story is too funny! Ew! LOL.

Cookie dough for lunch...mmmmm :)

Lei said...

share your cloggiest moment? rofl!

Evey said...

I just wanted to let ya know I just did this:) Go check it out.

Also I wanted to make sure you knew I dont hate little dogs. I love ALL dogs, I just dont like when little ones get away with stuff. I always look at the Chihuahuas at the pet stores and think they are so cute. I love the name Marcello for yours. too cute. I would love to see some pics of him.

Also, a Weimaraner is also our dream dog. They are so GORGEOUS! We do plan on getting one once we move out to Colorado and actually have a house and yard to accomodate a new puppy and Belle.