Friday, April 22, 2005

The Sweetest Thing!

Asher with the flowers he picked for Kenya. Posted by Hello

Okay, so I knew that the day would come when I would not be the most important woman in Asher's life, but so soon!!?? Asher has always been great friends with the little girls in our neighborhood. In fact, we had already promised him to our neighbor's daughter, Hadley. However, there is one special girl that has never been far from his thoughts. Kenya.

Yes, they met in preschool last year. I knew that they were best friends because he was always talking about her. The teacher even called me one time to let me know that they were never apart. Well, Kenya is a year older so she left for kindergarten last year. Asher was sad when he returned to school after summer break to find that she was no longer there. He would talk about Kenya all of the time. I didn't really know Kenya's family so I just left things as they were. I figured that he would forget about her. Nope. He is always writing letters and drawing pictures for her. I feel so bad because one time I even pretended to mail her a letter. Okay, so I now realize the error of my ways!!

Yesterday, Asher went into the yard, all by himself, and decided to cut some flowers for Kenya. (Mind you, he used to cut the flowers and bring them to me . . . sniff, wiping away the tear . . . ) Asher made a special card for Kenya and decided to included two of his markers in it to give to her as well. Who am I to stand in the way of destiny!? I finally said "okay" and took him to Kenya's house.

What was even cuter was that he wanted to ride his scooter to her house. (It must be a guy thing . . . you know, the showing off!) I drove him close to her house and then let him hop out of the van with his little scooter. He peddled his way to her house . . . with her gift, and I saw visions of my baby leaving me 13 years down the road. Unfortunately Kenya wasn't home. We gave the flowers to her mother, along with our phone number so that Kenya could call Asher when she got home.

So, later that night, the phone call comes. Sterling and I were sitting in the room with Asher as he was talking to her. It was soooo cute!! He asked her why she didn't go to his school anymore and then told her some random things about how we had our carpet redone. Then, the moment that Sterling and I were not prepared for . . . Asher said, " But I love you Kenya, I really love you."

Wwwwwhhhaaattt!!?? Sterling and I looked at each other in shock! We both had to turn away from each other so that we wouldn't burst out laughing. It was so sweet!

You know, Asher is only 5 so I am not thinking that this is anything too serious. But, I now realize that maybe I should start taking his friendships more seriously. These little people start making a difference in each other's lives earlier than I thought! Clearly I have a lot to learn as a mom!


Sandy said...

That is SOOOO sweet! My boys still think girls have cooties. I think it's great that your son is so thoughtful. Look at what you raised! Aren't you proud?! : ) He already knows how to treat ladies.

Found your blog through spilt milk. Love that I am finding great blogs through other great blogs.


Tee said...

Oh my gosh! Watch out for that one! I had similar issues with my 6 year old, Nick, but I think lover boy has calmed down a bit. I felt the same way you were feeling one day when I took him to school. Usually he gives me like 20 kisses and won't get out of the car. He's like, "I love you" kiss "Bye" kiss, "see you after school" kiss... LOL. And then usually when he gets out of the car, he'll turn around as he's walking and blow me a bunch of kisses. One day when I dropped him off he saw one of his little girlfriends. He throws the door open practically before I have the car stopped and yells, "Hey! Jacqueline!" and jumps out, slams the door and runs to her, never looking back. ROFL. I was like, "Hey! What about my kiss!" ... so pathetic!

Sandy said...

Love your pet duck! I blogrolled you so I don't have to keep looking for you through the comments link! Now where's a new post to read?!?! : )

Taylor said...

Also love the duck - I had to adopt a tiger!

Your son sounds like such a ham! It is nice to know that there are such mannerly little boys out there. I was starting to worry if Tristyn was going to have trouble finding a decent little boyfriend in 4 or 5 years, but hope is there! LOL! Sounds like he's gonna be a lady pleaser ;) You've raised and winner!

pate said...

What a great memory! Bet you'll put that in one of your books! Freeze the moment, because you will blink and he will be gone into his own life.

FreedomGirl said...

My daughter has loved Edwin, and he has loved her, since they were 3. They have told all the parents that they will marry at my sister's ranch and honeymoon at Disneyland. They are now 11, and the plans haven't changed.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours rocks, too!

Rosie The Riveter rules!

Zoe said...

Hey Freedom, That is seriously the cutest thing that I have ever heard. I am going to have to watch out for this . . . oh, true love!

Christina said...

Such a sweet story!!