Monday, April 18, 2005

Showering with an audience!

Why is it that I can never seem to take a shower without an audience watching me!? Seriously, don't I get a break! I am okay with my baby in there. He is over the phase were he screams in terror because he doesn't recognize me with suds in my hair ( . . . at least I think that's why he is screaming). Now he just plays with his toys and lets me be.
I am also learning to cope with our Chihuahua who chooses to watch the daily show. It use to really creep me out but then I had some mini therapy with my husband and I have come to accept that he is "just a dog". I have also been able to teach him to control his excitement and not lick the water off of my legs when I get out.
It is my five year old that is starting to worry me a little bit. He use to play with Myles and keep him occupied for me. After a while, he started bringing in his own toys to play alongside the baby. Now, he brings in his snacks, plops down on the tub step, and watches me! I thought that maybe I was being a bit paranoid at first but, alas, a week ago, he asked me the dreaded question. Yes, he knows that we are different!! I think that it might be time to have that "talk".
I have no idea what I am going to say but I think that it is important that we talk about it someday . . . before he becomes a teenager. So, I have to muster up the energy to open that can of worms before I emotionally damage him for life. I will have to keep you posted!


Tee said...

Ugh! I remember those days! It still happens sometimes. When the baby gets a little older you can just load them up with yummy snacks and put something good on TV. That'll usually buy you 15 minutes. (I'm a good Mom, aren't I?) ROFL ;)

Taylor said...

Your chihuahua sounds just like mine! Thanks for visiting my blog - guess I'll be a regular member at yours now!