Friday, April 29, 2005

He Sleeps!!

My baby cho cho lips! Posted by Hello

I don't know about you but, my favorite time of day is NAP time! When I am not doing my many other things that need to get done, I am sleeping. Yes, I LOVE to sleep! (No, I am not depressed.) :) But seriously, my bed is my favorite place in the world. So soft and inviting, so cushy and warm. I love it. So of course, on days like today when I am ready to visit my "special place", I get so excited when my baby goes down for his nap. With Asher being in school, I can just curl up in bed with my favorite laptop and rest. I really think that once you become a mother, at least for me, there is some sort of Pavlovian response to seeing your baby asleep that just releases the fatigue in your body. Yes, I love to sleep. I am admitting it here to you all for the first time. I am not ashamed!


Taylor said...

SOOOO very glad to hear that there is another normal human being out there that loves sleep as much as I do! I cannot resist my comfy bed and down comforter, especially on rainy days ;)

Sleep tight and sweet dreams :)

Tee said...

And you should not be ashamed! I too, join you in this admirable admission of guilty pleasure. I will shout it from the rooftops for all to hear... I too, love to sleep!


LOL... Whew, that wiped me out. I need a nap. Very cute pic!

Zoe said...

Thanks you guys!! I am glad that I am not alone. Women everywhere need to join together in acceptance!! ;)

Sandy said...

Ahhhh, sweet sleep! I was actually just on here to catch up on everyone's posts then catch a nap myself!! See you in dream land!