Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mommy . . . what is the dog eating?!

It has been a few days since my last entry and let me tell you, they have been LONG. It all started earlier this week when I got fed up with being taken advantage of! I called our carpet guy . . . the one who installed our carpet in two different colors, and told him that after 9 months of waiting, I wanted my carpet to match!! Surprisingly, he said that he would be out to our house the very next morning! Imagine my elation. Could this be a sign of other good things that would change in my life!?
Before the carpet was even nailed to the floor, my husband pulled a muscle in his back. After writhing around for a while on the shredded carpet, my husband was able to pull himself upstairs to our bedroom . . . where he has remained . . . for the last 5 days! I do feel really bad for him. I do. It's just that, well, that same day, my 10 month old baby started and episode of diarrhea. I am talking the kind that leaks through the diaper . . . every 15 minutes. I found myself getting a little bit frantic between trying to change my baby's diaper, bring my husband some pain killers, and serving the carpet guys lemonade.
It wasn't until my 5 year old's special ed. pre-school teacher called to tell me that he had been "expelled" from school that I really started to feel the burn. Our little Asher, it seems, has been hitting the other kids in his classroom, including the ones in wheelchairs! All humor aside, this really was a blow to the stomach. All of my hopes about my son entering mainstream kindergarten flew out the window in that moment. This was a new development in Asher's behavior that we were not prepared for.
Sterling and I were able to meet with the school's psychologist and an IEP committee a couple of days later to create a "game" plan for helping Asher through his frustration. It was a really great experience to realize the concern and love that the people in my son's life have for him. Not only that but, the committee didn't seem to mind that my husband participated in the meeting from the conference room floor!
I have realized that sometimes life just piles all of it's junk on you at once and there is really nothing you can do other than to push through it. Things never look or feel as bad when you get to the other side. Now that the week is coming to a close, I realize that I can handle these minor bumps. After all, it is hard to make time to feel bad for yourself when you are interrupted by your 5 year old saying, "Mommy, Marcello is eating poop!". In the moment that I look down to see my dog licking my baby's leaky diaper I realize that someday I might possibly see the humor in all of this motherhood stuff! Until then, I have a mess to clean up!! :)


Kenna said...

Hi Zoe, it's McKenna! I'm still in Taiwan but I had to come visit your blog. I LOVE IT! You've done such a great job! Now you've really inspired me to make my own. Hope all is well and I'll call you when I get back so we can talk about Heritage Makers.

songbird36 said...

Ahh, the joy of motherhood. :-)

Jana said...

Hi, Zoe - Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your boys are adorable! Unfortunately, I have had that exact same dog-diaper experience, believe it or not!

Tee said...

LOL! Dogs are so gross sometimes! As for leaky diapers, I'm known in my family for throwing away perfectly good clothing if it gets poop on it. Sometimes I can just not bring myself to scrub it with my bare hands - BLECK! Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. LOL.

Thanks for the great read! Keep blogging!