Saturday, April 24, 2010

He's Here!!

Or rather, he has been here . . . for about 6 weeks! I am a slacker, I know, but having 4 kids will do that to you. Our little prince surprised us by making an early appearance. I was rather shocked.

I had been on bed rest for high blood pressure, seeing the doctor twice a week, and trying to let the baby grow a little bit longer. At 37 weeks, I spent the day in labor and delivery, getting all of the routine check ups done. My bp was high and I was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced (but not in labor). They said, "Go home and rest some more. Let's try to get to 38 weeks, then we'll take him."

Well, the baby had other plans because that night, around 3 am, I got up to go the the bathroom. I got back in bed and felt a strong need to check my blood pressure. I debated it in my head. I didn't want to wake Sterling up. I decided to do it myself but then drifted off. No sooner did I nod off then my water broke! I was soooo shocked. This had never happened before. So you know the drill. I got Sterling up, who went and got my parents up, and surprisingly Asher was up too. They came upstairs, took some pictures of my huge belly until I insisted that it was enough with the fat mama pictures and we left.

When I got to the hospital, my blood pressure was through the roof - good thing he was coming out! Another interesting thing to note was that my gum from the day before was still in the bathroom trash can. The room was waiting for me. :)

So, after getting all of the pain/drugs/monitors taken care of, we waiting for his delivery. At 11:24 on March 12th, our little one made it into the world. He was 19 inches long and weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. We could not think of a name for him right away. I was really pushing for Ford . . . Sterling liked Dexter (uggh!). We almost settled on Oliver. But finally, the name came to us -
Sawyer Ford Jacobson!

Matt Adams- my hero and anesthesiologist!! He did my epidural for 3 of my deliveries. I never forgot him because a) what woman isn't in love with the man who provides her relief from excruciating pain? and b) his name is both of my brother's names, Matt and Adam.

Getting some rest before Sawyer's arrival. That is my mom on the sofa.

Rainin and her awesome helpers who got me through the delivery! Rainin actually massaged my back with lotion . . . she was soooo nice!

Dr. Baxter - what can I say. He brought all 4 of my babies into the world. He is a good man!

Asher really took to Sawyer. He just held him and examined him for a while. Now he is an amazing helper with Sawyer. I tell ya, I couldn't do it without this big brother!

Myles was a bit timid when it came to actually touching the baby. But Owen, well, we have to make sure that Owen doesn't "love" Sawyer to death. The first thing he asks when he wakes up or enters a room is "Where's baby Sawyer? Is it time for me to hold him?"

Ahhh, stretching out under the heating lamps.

More pictures to come . . .

**On a side note. Yes, we watch "Lost". No, we did not name our baby after Sawyer. We actually have a family friend named Sawyer. I have always loved that name. As for Ford, well, I actually had a friend growing up whose little brother was named Ford. On Lost, I didn't realize that Sawyer's real name is James Ford. Oh well. You can call him LaFleur if you like! ;)


erica said...

WHAT A DOLL! You cook em up perfect! Asher looks like such a sweet helper!

Kathy said...

Zoe he is just perfect! Congrats on being the momma to 4 beautiful boys. I'm glad everyone is healthy and well.

Lei said...

'Bout time!!! Yay and congrats on the new cutie!!!

beki said...

Congratulations, Zoe!!

Crystal said...

How cute!! I love his name! and I love how you have pic of your nurses and the anesth. guy!! LOL I would pay a million dollars for that epidural huh!!! Very cute, I am glad you got to the hospital and everything went ok. Take care!!