Saturday, January 24, 2009

Off to Disneyland . . .

. . . though the odds have been really stacked against us!

Let me just tell you, we just got our car out of the shop (for a spilled milk situation - literally). It had been in the shop for almost two weeks! When we picked it up, the man who replaced our carpets told us that we were leaking radiator fluid or something like that! Knowing that we were going to be leaving on Sunday, Sterling and I decided that we would hurry and get the car into the shop.

This morning, as the sun came up, trying to filter through the nasty polluted clouds of the inversion that we are experiencing, we could hear the sound of Myles coughing like a seal - croup. Ugghh.

Sterling then takes Myles to the doctor (sweet husband) so I can get some work done at home. About an hour later, I receive a call from Sterling telling me that while he was in the doctor's office, someone managed to rear end our car in the parking lot. Nice.

Fortunately, the police were there, taking care of the situation. The driver does have insurance too - so we hear.

And so, on this Saturday night, I prepare for bed hoping that there will be no new surprises come morning.

See you all when we get back!! I am sure that we will have some fun stories to tell. :)


Erica said...

Whoa. Sounds like it's been a rough week! I have totally been there done that with the whole "milk situation" in a car thing. Good luck at Disneyland!

Lei said...

Ain't that sweet? Ugh! I ma so sorry! I hope the trip is worth all your trouble!!!