Thursday, September 11, 2008

Visit to Florida

This past week, Sterling and I had the opportunity to go visit my brother and his family in Jacksonville, Florida. Sterling was teaching for Motorola and I (we) felt that it would be a nice opportunity to get away . . . without our boys. We were so grateful to Adam and Megan for giving us a place to sleep, relax, and sleep. Did I mention that we slept a lot! It was sooo nice. :)

When we weren't sleeping, we got to hang out with Adam, Megan, and their two cuties, Skylar and Ronan. I had a few plans for us girls. Unfortunately, we did not get to do the make-up shopping extravaganza that I had hoped for.

Skylar and I did find some time to visit Pottery Barn Kids and have a tea party, vacuum the floor, and make sure that all of the dolls there were properly dressed. (Skylar also had a cat-nap on the floor model bed . . . under the canopy, of course!)

Skylar and I also went to Joann's to pick out the necessary *bling* to dress up her cast. It was an honor for me to paint on her cast because, up until my arrival, she had not allowed anyone to mark on it. I felt pretty special!

Here we are, painting the requested fairy and flowers . . . with flair!

Skylar kept her focus on watching the Jetson's, when she wasn't giving me pointers.

The finished product!! Umm, yes, that is fairy dust, meant to bring magic to all of the flowers. And, those jewels are for maximum sparkle!

Uncle Sterling and Ronan did a lot of bonding. In fact, it took me several days to finally admit and let go of the fact that Ronan preferred Sterling over me. He was so mellow and quiet, not saying much, but he really lit up when Sterling was around.

I managed to grab Ronan long enough for this goodbye picture, much to his chagrin!

Sterling and I really had a great time. We wish that we could have stayed longer but then, what kind of parents would we be . . . abandoning our children . . . and the poor babysitter, Cari Ann, who foolishly agreed to watch them. :) I love you Cari Ann!

It was a blast. Hopefully it won't take us another year to get back out to Florida again. Thank you Adam and Megan!

P.S. Oh, and, by the way, thanks to Megan, I was able to visit, for the first time ever, in person, an actual real life Ballard Designs store. *sigh* Megan has the privilege of working there . . . so lucky! She was very kind in helping me not to hyperventilate when I walked in the doors. :)


Meg said...

We miss you guys already!!! Thank you for everything. It is our turn to visit you guys this time.

mommysgirls said...

So are you guys moving? Do you want a puppy? They are SO DANG STINKING CUTE!

Dee Light said...

Lvoe that cast!! Too cute. I'm glad you had a good time, I know your boys must be glad to have you home.

Jed and Kathy said...

How fun for you guys! Did you miss your boys or what?

Love the cast art, Zoe! You are so creative.