Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Christmas Spirit

Why does it seem like life turns into Crazyville every year, starting with the day after Thanksgiving? I think that the madness must start with getting up at unheard of hours to go shopping on Black Friday. Then come the decorations, the parties, the teacher gifts, the neighbor gifts, the hoards of sugar, etc. Just when I cross something off of my list, I find ten more things that I need to do!

In the middle of all of the chaos, I think that my kids sometimes get pushed aside (or run and hide because they don't want to deal with crazy mommy)! Well, last night I was given a real treat! I had a moment in which I was able to stop and realize what really matters the most during this time of year.

We were at a class party for Asher. All of the kids were supposed to be sitting on the steps that lead up to the stage, singing. I think that Asher was one of the only children who refused to sing - so he was somewhere in the background running around. However, little Myles had situated himself nicely on the front row. Myles had also helped himself to a huge cookie and a big cup of juice.

Myles wasn't taking part in the singing, but we could tell that he was enjoying it because every ten minutes or so, he would just get up and run around the gym in excitement and then return to his treats.

Myles came back to his seat one time and noticed another little boy that was sitting pretty close to his cookie. Myles sat down on the other side and looked the boy up and down. Then, he turned and looked at his cookie. Finally, Myles took his chubby little hands and carefully split the cookie in half. As he handed one half to this little boy, I seriously felt the whole world pause and silence around me. He was sharing his cookie!!!! It was a moment that made my heart swell with pride and love. It really was the sweetest thing.

And so, being a little bit grounded (or rather, floored) by my 3-year old, I realize that love, family, and sharing are some of the greatest joys that we can experience during this season.


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

You are right! Every year I say that I'm not going to get caught up in the stress and busy-ness, but it always seems to happen. Isn't it wonderful to be able to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child and be reminded of what truly matters?!

Mom2fur said...

Myles is so sweet! You must have been so proud of him.
Isn't it funny--we run around like nuts, and worry about making everything 'perfect'--and then it all just sort of falls into place.
We should all just get down to sharing cookies like Myles!
Merry Christmas!