Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, it's official . . .

Asher is now a big second grader! I cannot believe it! He is moving up in the world so quickly. I mean, second grade! I can remember my second grade years like it was yesterday.

We were living in Paris and I was going to the American School of Paris. I still remember some of the crazy things that I would do as a second grader, like pretending that I had a twin sister. I would tell my friends to look for my twin and then I would go into the library and change my sweater around. In all seriousness I would come back out into the hall and ask them if they had seen Zoe. They weren't buying it.

I also remember telling my friends that I was very gifted at getting any knot un-tied. Yes, I even had a name for it, the "Knotbitter". What a nerd huh!? I would have them tie the most difficult knot into their shoe laces. Then I would proceed to do whatever it took (teeth and all) to get the knots out. I think that I had them on this! LOL!

I wonder what crazy things Asher will come up with? I do know that he has already described some sort of game that he plays with his friends at recess. Apparently, they have a battle in which some of his other friends are his "weapons". He explained how he "throws" them around . . . into the enemy. Humm, yes.

I love my little boy. Sometimes, when he is asleep, I go in and kiss his face as much as he will let me before he pushes me off! I close my eyes and pretend that that still soft skins is my little baby. My first baby. I wish that I could hold onto this memory forever. I know that there is excitement to be had in the future but for now, I will still think of him as my first born, my little one.


kirsten said...

that sweater bit is hilarious!

my girl will be in 2nd grade this year, too.

in 2nd grade i drew smurfette a lot, and either in 2nd or 3rd grade we used to skip around at recess to 'girls just wanna have fun'. my friend would bring her tan fisher price tape player to play it!

Meg said...

I remember when Asher was born!! I miss that little guy so much.
Yeah, second grade was a blast. I used to see how much banana bublicious bubble gum I could shove in my mouth and still chew it. I would go through a couple of packets a week and actually stick it behind my bedpost at night, and then resume chewing it in the morning. I also remember sleeping in my clothes, shoes and all, so I could just get up and go to school in the morning. I was really a weird little kid.

Sandy said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I love your fake twin sister bit. How funny is that? You have to tell your kids about that one too, I bet they'll get a kick out of it

Shionge said...

Hey such a handsome boy Zoe....and thanks for sharing about your past too.

Have a great weekend.

Christina said...

You're too funny with your twin sister story! I always wanted a sister instead of my 3 brothers but never went quite that far!

It is a little sad when the kids grow up so fast. It's not fast enough for them (my 10-yr old wants to be 16 with a cell phone) but they will always be our babies.

Lei said...

That is hilarious Zoe! I also remember when Asher was born - I still have those pics of he and Adriana and Marcello. So cute.

It goes so fast!

Tee said...

Why didn't I know you went to school in Paris? Wow - how exciting!

The sweater thing is hilarious. I used to be a weirdo, too... Ha, I said USED TO.

Congrats to Asher!

Evey said...

Just stopping in:)

Tracey said...

Awww.... they do grow up fast. Mine is going into 3rd this fall. Shoot me now.

Jen said...

Knotbitter sounds like a character in Maniac Magee!

Good luck with a second grader! I remember thinking as a first grader that second graders looked huge. The next year, I thought those puny little first graders were tiny!