Friday, February 16, 2007

In The Mail

I was finally able to send my little creations for the mini swap to Shannon and her daughter Lola in Australia. I had so much fun doing this! I love creating things and I don't think that I get an excuse to often enough . . . especially with three active boys. I am learning that I need to just make it a priority because it is so fulfilling for me!

Having Lola to create for was so great. I think that I might have gone a little bit over in the frilly factor but, hey, a girl can never have too many ribbons or fluffy/froofy things! Right?! :) Here is a special princess skirt and magical fairy wand for a special princess girl.

I also got to test out this pattern for baby fruit and veggie rattles from Jimmy Beans Wool that I have been dying to try. It was very simple and soooo cute! I think that Myles wants a set for himself as he could not keep his hands off of the eggplant!

I also tried my first project with felting! I was nervous about how it would turn out but it was a lot easier then I thought that it would be! All of this time I have been putting it off . . . for what! I think that I have found my new favorite knitting technique! I made the felted piece into a little zipper pouch for Shannon. I hope that she likes it!

And finally . . . my crowning achievement!!!! LOL! This little inspiration came to me the night before I was ready to ship the package out. I LOVE sock monkeys and I thought, "hey, doesn't everyone need a sock monkey coin purse!?" I am sure that Lola will find some special treasures to keep in here!

Asher was very helpful in contributing to Lola's stash. He worked carefully to produce some fine drawings for her "decorating" pleasure! We finally got everything packaged and ready to go. Right now the box is probably flying somewhere over the ocean on its way to Australia!

In the meantime, we have been eagerly waiting the arrival of our care package. Shannon was much quicker at getting her stuff finished! I must admit that I took a peek at the stuff on her blog but I didn't want to spoil all of the surprise! I will just have to be patient! :)


Lei said...

I am drooling... the skirt and oh, the fruit. THE FRUIT!

shannon said...

ahhhhhh too good!! The box got deliveredthis morning and is waiting patiently for Lola and i to open in a few hours!! It all looks so good!!

God I hope you like mine....

Evey said...

Just stopping in to say hey! Hope things are good:)

Miranda said...

Wow you are super duper crafty! I am impressed. :)

Sandy said...

THAT IS JUST TOO CUTE. seriously. You are so talented. Love the girly stuff and so original rattles, the MONKEY, oh the monkey purse! I'd have had a hard time parting with such killer stuff!

Tee said...

OMG!!! These are so cute! You're so creative and where in the world do you find the time? ... You could sell some of this stuff! You should start an shop!!

The skirt is precious! ROFL. Someone was excited to make something for a girl, huh?

I'm dying over the fruit and the coin purse. Could they be any freaking cuter? You've outdone yourself Zoe! You should feel super proud. Really great work!

Taylor said...

OH MY GOODNESS! The veggie rattles are SO stinkin' cute. You should start up a site and sell them. I would totally but them and the fairy skirt for that matter.

May I ask how on Earth you have time to create these wonderful projects? I can't even keep my house clean and I only have 2 kids!