Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Our package from Australia has arrived!!! (Actually, it came last week and I have been slow to post!) Shannon did an awesome job making the boys some homemade treasures and filling the package with lots of cool treats! The boys were so excited to open the box that Myles opened it before I could get my camera ready! (Sterling also forgot to mention to me that the package had arrived until right before it was bedtime!)

Shannon made both of the boys adorable library totes! Asher thought that it was so cool that his had an "A" on it! Inside, there were books, games, Aunty Cookie iron ons, and more!

Myles was given homemade sewing cards with pictures that Shannon had drawn, laminated, and then threaded with shoelace and beads. SUCH a great idea!! Asher even wanted to play with them!

Shannon also made a game of "Flip/Flop" (which I think is a card matching game . . .unless I am totally wrong! LOL!) for Asher. Again, such a great idea!!! She drew all of the cute pictures herself and laminated them! The boys LOVE it!

Here are some of the goodies that came for us. Shannon included a homemade CD, some AWESOME fabric for me (*big smile*), a book that she illustrated, a freezer stencil kit, some vintage ( I mean, really cool, like how could she part with them!!) cookie cutters, oh the list goes on and on!

The boys loved everything so much that they went to bed with their bags . . . filled with all of the goodies! I had to go in after they were asleep and move them off of their pillows.

The next morning, we got up bright and early to go to the dreaded dentist! It was so cute though because when the boys got ready to go, they packed up their new totes and brought them with them. I think that it even helped them get over some of their apprehension!

Thank you so much Shannon and Lola! :)


kate said...

so nice! what a cool thing to do. and if it makes going to the dentist easier, well then so much the better!

smart mama said...

what cool stuff- jealous!

Sandy said...

Great stuff, fantastic idea. The kids look stoked

Dee Light said...

What fun!!! You'r kids look like they are loving it!