Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Expanding Belly!

Taylor asked me if she could see a larger picture of my tummy. See, I have purposely been making my profile pictures small because, well, as you can see, it is not just my tummy that is growing!! LOL! So, I am coming out of my shell and boldly showing you all the truth about growing babies! (Sorry, butt and thigh shots will not be included.)

This picture is of me and baby boy at 16 weeks.

Here we are at 20 weeks.

As you can see, I have grown quite a bit. I have actually decided not to look at the scale at the doctor's office this pregnancy. It has been hard but, I think that I would just get depressed and, if I was gaining too much weight, I don't really want to do anything to change it! Isn't that terrible! :) I am actually enjoying not exercising and eating mostly whatever I want. I know that the torture will start once the baby is born so . . . I am giving myself a break. LOL!

As for baby names, I will now divulge my girl names. They are a little bit different but I loved them. If it was a girl, I was for sure going to name her Stella Mae. The day after I found out that my baby was a boy I heard the name Tahlula . . . I LOVED it! My husband just rolls his eyes at that one. I also loved the girl names Olivia, Lucy, Amelia, Grace, and Avery. Most of the classics.

For boy names, well, I am not quite prepared. I immediately thought that we would name this baby Owen. But, Sterling has said no! The funny thing about husbands is that they turn everything down and don't give any different suggestions. (At least mine does!) I have made a short list of other options like Reece, Lucas, Lewis, Oliver, Lane, Sawyer, and Wade. But, in all honesty . . . I really want this baby to be Owen! So, I am going to have to work on hubby for the next 19 weeks!

Thanks for letting me talk about babies again!! I promise to limit the dose of estrogen in my next entry! :)


Gabriela said...

It looks like you have cute maternity wear; that is so helpful don't you think? We were SO poor my first two pregnacies; with my third I went all out buying cute things. I love the name Owen! Stick to your guns!

Taylor said...

Yay! I love the pictures! Your belly looks look awesome =)

I love the girl names Grace and Avery, they seem so classic. My friends daughters name is Aden Grace, I love that! I would copy her if I could.

The little boy I keep is named Wade. I had never heard that before I met him, very unique. Other than that my favorite is Sawyer or Lucas. I also like Reece but it seems to be big girl name these days. Oh and Lane, love that. My friends middle name is Layne.

The names my husband likes right now are Talan (boy) and Addison (girl). I also like Lillian, Avery, and have now added Lucas and Lane to my list! Thanx!

I promise I'll post belly pictures when I start showing. Until then I'm just a big pile of flab!

Ju said...

Your belly pics look so cute! I was like that when I was pregnant...didn't care about what I ate, how I ate it, when I ate it, but I am paying for it now.

I love Amelia or Grace for a girl. For a boy, I love Lucas or Owen. Good choices!

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh your belly looks wonderful! And Hello.... i love your top!

And I was to have a 4th and it was to be a girl I would love the name Avery! If it were a boy I would go with Adam or Chad.... I like short names for boys... Owen works for me! Yep work on it.

Lei said...

You look great, Zoe! I love your list of names, too!!! xoxo

Evey said...

Thanks for sharing your belly pictures. It is fun to see the progress.

I LOVE the name Owen....I hope you convince the hubby:)

smartmama said...

i love bellies-- fun names- i am all about fun names-

Tee said...

I LOVE both your girl and boy names. Olivia was at the top of my list for my 2nd son. Ergh! LOL... I have more cool baby names picked out than kids I want to have, so I guess I need some goldfish. LOL.

Your maternity shirts are so pretty! LOL about no thigh and butt shots :D

I used to hate women who asked to touch my belly or hold the baby and now I have to restrain myself from being one of them... SIGH. Your tummy looks very... touchable. LOL.

Heather said...

Your tummy looks so nice!! I love the name Oliver!!!

Miranda said...

I like your names! Owen or Elliot were our boys names but since we are having a girl i don't get to use them. Beautiful belly!

Anonymous said...

Cute girl names...I have three. We want to have another baby, but don't know what we would name another girl. One of mine has the middle name of cute!! Good luck with your pregnancy!!

Family Of Five said...

My hubby HATES the name Owen... that was one of my names too!!! He just keeps saying "Owen loves his mama...." It's apparently from the movie 'Throw mama from the train'. I liked Simon and Elliot too and hubby told me he was going to get beaten up on the playground for those. Our boy name finally was going to be Drydon... but we had a girl. Good luck to you guys!

Stephanie said...

Love the girls names. I am a classics girl too. Our girls are Amelia Caroline and Tess Emmeline (I COULDN'T make their first names the similar, my MIL did that to my dh and my BIL's and that was a MESS when we went to qualify for our first house). Millie said that she wanted her sister to have a name that was the same, so we rhymed the middle names. If we ever had another girl it would be Grace or Sarah Madeline. Can't break tradition. A boy would be Patrick Jeremy or Jack Henry. Family names.

I hope that you get to name your baby Owen. I think that since you grew him and you have to push him out, you get the FINAL say.