Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Has it been one of those days?

I couldn't resist posting this picture! Isn't it adorable?! I found it via Tee who posted about this site called Cute Overload. Oh, I just love little puppy bellies!! :)


Ju said...

Oh that is soo cute. I think puppies are sooo adorable.

Rachelle said...

So cute!

Taylor said...


Hey I have a request. You always have those cute lil belly shots on your sidebar but I wanna see them bigger! Can you post them? I love to see how bellies grow...especially now that mine will be doing just so!

Oh oh oh, and names? What about names? I'm anxious! I want to know what you are thinking of. I would love some ideas from you if you have any for me. I want a unique name for this baby but I just can't find anything!

Evey said...

LOL....this is to stinkin cute