Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's Been a Year!

It has come to my attention that I missed the one year anniversary of my blog! I could not let this momentous occasion pass without paying tribute to one of my new favorite pastimes. I have decided to list some things about myself that I may not have revealed in my blog thus far. Soooo, here goes.

1) I was born in London, England-because of this I have dual citizenship!
2) I have had the opportunity to grow up living all over. A few of the places that I have lived are Mexico, France, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and now Utah. (My Dad was an international banker.)
3) Because of this moving all of the time, I think that I am pretty good at making new friends.
4) I am terrible at keeping in touch with old friends! That is why I love blogging! :)
5) I am somewhat of a clean freak . . . Unfortunately this doesn't mesh well with motherhood so I have had to give up on most of my expectations.
6) I prefer to use the bathroom with the door open . . . much to my husbands chagrin. I get claustrophobic!
7) I enjoy creating just about anything!! (Painting, knitting, sewing, sculpture, gardening, etc.) I love working with my hands!
8) Going to that fabric store - or a craft store, is like being a kid in a candy store, on Christmas day, with Santa and all of his elves, and getting to ride in his sled for me!
9) I tend to talk too much! My husband and kids have threatened to leave me many times at a place because of this. In fact, when Asher was 4, he did leave me at a neighbors house talking. I had no idea. When I realized that he was gone, I freaked out, ran home, yelled to Sterling for help. Sterling told me that Asher was there. When asked why he left, he simply said, "Because Mommy was talking too much and I was bored!"
10) When I was growing up, I had daydreams about being as cool as "Pollyanna" and "Anne of Green Gables"!
11) I have since let go of this dream . . . although I am still a dreamer and a romantic at heart.
12) I have always been in love with love.
13) I really do not enjoy being pregnant - although my children are my greatest accomplishments in my life! I would do it over and over again for these precious ones! (Humm, and I have!)
14) I pride myself on being somewhat of an efficiency expert- always finding the fastest/most productive way of doing things.
15) My day to day life is not very efficient!
16) I LOVE taking naps. The bed is my favorite place in the house. I savor the times that I can make it there.
17) I am fiercely competitive when the pursuit interests me!
18) I did audition for "The Amazing Race"! (I didn't even get a call back!)
19) I love being outdoors, hiking, camping, etc.
20) Sometimes I wish that I could be a full fledged "Granola Girl"!
21) I tend to become obsessive about things that interest me . . . I have become a lot better at controlling this as I have grown older.
22) My husband has taught me not to worry so much in life.
23) I love my husband!!
24) I have absolutely no rhythm and therefore look like I am drunk whenever I dance.
25) I love to dance!
26) My dream vacation is to bagpack through Europe.
27) I know ASL and am an interpreter for a deaf friend in the neighborhood.
28) I am a Mormon.
29) I have a healthy fear of the ocean.
30) I have a slight fetish for bags/purses/totes.
31) I am very happy with my life!
Whew! I thought that I would stop at 31 because that is how old I am! Well, thanks for letting me get this all out . . . my little blog! :)


smartmama said...

can't remember your moves from stake dances... fun to read up-- happy birthday fresh preserves!

Rachelle said...

What fun to read!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add that you love your mommy....sniff

Gabriela said...

Interesting stuff!

Miranda said...

I love number 23, 13,10, and 9!
Happy Birthday, Blog!
*hands you some cupcakes*

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! Your blog is should be proud.

Evey said...

HAPPY birthday to your blog:)

I LOVE the ocean, I have lived near both and will miss it when we move.

Jen Stewart said...

Hey Sweetie -
Check out my blog for an idea to help out with the Easter Bunny - I just went through the same thing with Samantha last weekend :) Sorry I didn't see it sooner, He may have already forgotten about it - but might be good to review for next year :)

Lei said...

Miss you and your way of life, Zo!

shellyC said...

Happy Birthday Blog too.

Loved reading your list too.

Bumbling Bav said...

Well I just learnt alot about you! What a great post.

Happy day to you and your wonderful blog!

Evey said...

I forgot to mention how cool it is you were born in England, I was born in Scotland:)

ShelahBooksIt said...

it was totally fun getting to know you better!

BigSister said...

Happy Anniversary/Birthday whatever you want to call it! It was great reading your list.

Sandy said...

Healthy fear of the ocean?? no such thing! lol
I wanted to be on the Amazing race too : )
Happy Blog Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you blog!! It was fun getting to know more about you!

Tee said...

Cool things I didn't know about you! You're such a cool person and I loved reading this - and it was colorful to boot! LOL.

I didn't know you know ASL - do you "know" Deputy's Wife? She does ASL professionally. I believe both her parents were deaf. She's a mom of 3 boys and very entertaining. You should go visit her :) I think you'd like each other.

(I'm setting 2 blogger friends up on a blind date. Is that weird? ROFL!)