Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend, despite all of us getting the flu and Asher's pink eye! We are doing much better now. Thankfully all illnesses were short lived. I didn't know if we were going to make it to any of the Easter festivities but we managed to fit a few in. Most importantly making it to church on Sunday.
This weekend posed a new dilemma for me as a mother. Asher is getting older and he wanted to know if the "Easter Bunny" was real. Sterling and I skirted around answering that question as we explained to Asher the real reason that we celebrate Easter. We let him know about Christ and the glorious gift of rebirth that He gave us on this day.
Then I started to feel guilty. First of all, because I worry that when Asher finds out that the Easter Bunny isn't real, that he might think that Jesus is not real. (Asher is very logically minded). So I discussed with Sterling the issue that I was having and that perhaps we should let him know that the Easter Bunny is not real. BUT, does this mean that we should also let him know that Santa is not real either? Do I rob him of some of those magical childhood memories and beliefs that we were all given?
Well, the weekend has come and gone. I have a full year now to think about this issue. I am curious to know what other parents think about this.

Friday night we made some "tie-die" Easter eggs. I got the idea from Family Fun. Myles and Asher loved it. I enjoyed it too considering that it was a lot easier and faster than the traditional dying methods.

Voila! Our masterpieces. (This year I also wised up . . . I decided to only boil as many eggs as we could eat within a week!)

This is about the extent of our nice Easter pictures. Despite our efforts, Sterling and I were unable to get the boys to pose together for a decent shot! At least our memories will be accurate to the way things really were! I hope that everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


Stephanie said...

Cute pictures. I hope your pinkeye goes away FAST!!! I laughed when I saw the photos. I have the same dining room table and my house has tons of the Waverly Vintage Rose collection.

shellyC said...

We have had the same kind of questions to deal with over Easter. "Well how does the Easter Bunny get to everyone's house and hide all the eggs in one night?" (Raised eyebrows too).

Found you via Loobylu I think...was naturally attracted the name Zoe.

Rachelle said...

Cute, cute pics!

Lei said...

lol, zoe... our pic session, which i have yet to share (ugh) went similarly!!! they're so cute in their sweaters!!!

Anonymous said...

For your question on "what other parents do" As for us, we told both of our kids and instilled in them the real meanings of Christmas and Easter right from the start and told them that there really wasn't a Santa or Easter Bunny.
HOWEVER, when my oldest daughter went to school, the Ever-knowing-ever-wise Kindergarten teacher did tell them about santa, etc and 'of course' my child believed her!! Naturally, she does of course, know EVERYTHING!!! So there went that!!! You just have to do what you believe in your heart (I remember from my mom, she felt guilty about playing along with santa too because she was being 'dishonest' with us and that didn't sit right with her.)
Bless you in what ever you chose to do.

Gabriela said...

Cute pics. I love their outfits, so "springy"

Bumbling Bav said...

oh man do not make me laugh... my abs hurt.

That last picture was the best, EVER! Thanks for sharing.

Nettie said...

What cute boys! I love the "outtake" Easter pic! And the eggs! Beautiful!

Linsey said...

Cute pictures!!! Poo on pinkeye!!! Glad you had a good weekend!

Tee said...

Oh my gosh! They're so precious! I love their outfits!

As for the Easter Bunny thing - You don't have to break it to him in a black/white way like, "There's no Easter Bunny"... I have always said to my boys, "You know the Easter Bunny is just a fun game we play?" ... Sometimes they "forget" and say, "I'm so excited for the Easter bunny!" and I'll say, "But you know that's just a game? It's me and Daddy who leave you treats." And they say, "Yeah, we're just pretending"... So as long as they can still play the game, they aren't too upset.... Same thing with Santa.

BTW - who trims your hedges? What a cool tree in the background!

Zoe said...

Thanks everyone!

Tee- why . . . I trim the hedges!! :)

Miranda said...

Aww. CUTE! Your easter eggs are beautiful! I'll have to try doing that next year. By the way, how did you pick your boys' names? They're both great.