Friday, March 10, 2006


Asher . . . ball . . . broken window! Need I say more?


Tee said...

First - I LOVE the new profile pic ( how exciting!) and your template is great! When did you learn to do all this? Didn't you have a regular blogger one forever? I haven't been here for so long. I missed ya. You were one of my first buddies in Blogger :)

The picture is classic! LOL. So far our boys haven't done that. The neighbor's houses are GORGEOUS. I imagine yours is as well!

Zoe said...

Tee- Thank you so much for visiting!! :) I am glad that you are one of my oldest blogger buddies! Thank you also for noticing my template change. I have always done photoshop but I have not had the patience to sit through my husbands complaining while he reprograms my blog! I don't know how you guys figure it out on your own!! I still have more that I want to do but who knows when Sterling will be ready to help again!! :)

smartmama said...

Ouch! hurts to look at it-- i feel referred pain in the wallet--LOL