Saturday, March 11, 2006


Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn (actually, before dawn) our little family is venturing out to California to see Mickey Mouse (as Asher puts it). We are excited for our much needed break. I am so hoping that this will be rejuvenating for me rather then exhausting. I mean, how tiring can it be to have fun?! I hope to have some fun pictures and memories when we get back.


Bumbling Bav said...

Oh how wonderful.... I was just checking the news in the area to see what the weather was doing. It looked cold and rainy. But that could change in a heart beat. Man I miss being down there!

Tee said...

Lucky Duck! I'm so happy for you! I hope you have lot's of fun.

When you come back, Email me your address and I'll send you that ointment you were intersted in. You can't buy it anywhere inside the country - I checked for ya. The company said it's illegal for them to export it, so I'll just send you one of mine. My MIL goes back to her country and stocks up twice a year.

Rockester said...

Zoe, Have fun in Disney. My dd is going with her hs band to Disney World this spring break --they are going to have SO much fun!
I loved the Amy catalog images of the pillows. reminds me of the kind my greatgrandmother made all the time with satins and smocking and pleating....and big buttons handmade in the centers. Maybe they are coming back in style!

Have a great weekend!

Lei said...

I know you're back now... how was your trip?!?!

Also - need help with font on my blog. :) Missed you.