Tuesday, January 03, 2006

. . .something to be happy about . . .

I haven't officially posted it on my blog yet but I thought that I would let you know that I am officially pregnant. Whoo hoo! We are very excited and hoping that this pregnancy will produce a baby girl . . . but we would love a boy just as much. I am only 8 weeks along and I am hopeful that this pregnancy will go by quickly as I have two little ones to keep me busy at home. Every time I have become pregnant, I always try to outsmart myself and tell my mind that I won't get too excited until around month 8 but . . . I find that being pregnant is all that I can think about now. Probably because I have been sick 24 hours a day. Which brings me to my next subject-

I realize that there are a lot of worse things that I could be going through then 24 hours of nausea. I am actually disappointed in my low endurance for queasiness! Sadly I find myself struggling to think "happy" thoughts these last few days. I really hope that this sickness will end around 13 weeks but I am trying to be realistic. With Asher, I was pretty much sick the whole 9 months. With Myles, I was not sick at all. This one will be different, I know.

So anywho, I have been trying to keep an ongoing list in my head of things that I can be happy about in my life. I know that I have so many things and I am ashamed that I can't think of them faster! But, the most obvious thing that I am happy for is my family. I love my two precious boys more than life itself. I also feel so incredibly blessed that I was able to make them. I am so grateful for the chance to aid in creating another life. I am also so happy to have this experience with my dear husband. I love him so much. (I can also tell that he feels a bit guilty having done this to me!)

Well, it feels good to talk things out . . . with you guys out there in cyberspace! :) Here is to a better day tomorrow!


Mandi said...


Congrats on the baby!

Tee said...

OH MY GOSH! ZOE!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) How exciting!

I don't even know what to say! I'm all a-flutter for you. LOL.

I got the whole nausea thing when I was pregnant too - I actually lost weight during both pregnancies. It's a wonder both boys were born healthy and normal weight. I didn't keep food down until the last 3 monthes.

I never found a good solution to the nausea - I hope you do!

How exiciting!! Eeeee! :)

Evey said...

Congrats....such wonderful news!

Jen Stewart said...

Hey Sweetie!
Hope you're starting to feel better now :)

Sure do miss you :)


Lei said...

Zoe - come on... update your blog girl! Hasn't that morning sickness started leaving you alone yet?!?!

Taylor said...


It is so going to be a girl because you are so sick ;)