Wednesday, May 25, 2005

When Did He Grow Up?! Sniff sniff!

Cheese Grin! Posted by Hello

Okay, so I just had to post this picture of Myles. All of the sudden he has started "posing" for the camera!! It is the cutest thing. This face just popped out of nowhere and fortunately I caught it. I was actually trying to take a picture of his new haircut. I almost cried when my friend cut it because all of the sudden . . . my baby became a big boy!! I am sure that some of his wavy locks will grow back. I just cannot believe how quickly the time goes. Myles turns one on June 13th. Why can't they just stay little?!

Okay, and on a completely different note . . . how freaky is it that he is almost one and has NO teeth? What is that all about!!??


Taylor said... cute! I love seeing pictures of your boys. YES I am stil awake (2am here)! I decided to cook Josh chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and, well, I burnt my thumb really bad. Ouch. Maybe I should go to bed!

Anyway - post some more of the little cuties! And some of your DS layouts! I wanna see! Pretty puuhh-lease!

Did I tell you how glad I was that you are back?! Missed you!

Zoe said...

Thank you Taylor!! That makes me so happy . . . that makes my midnight!! LOL!!

Michelle said...

Totally normal to not have second son got his around 1yr. The youngest of my 3 sons turns 5 on your son's birthday and my "baby" girl will be 2 two days before. They grow so fast!

Tee said...

Awh, those haircuts can be tough! What a cutie! ... I can't belive he doesn't have teeth! Mine started cutting teeth when they were only a few months old if I remember correctly.

Sandy said...

HOW CUTE!!! Isn't it amazing how much a hair cut can make them appear so much older? We always get comments about how big they are getting right after a hair cut.

Proud SAHM said...

He sure is a cutie, Zoe!! And Erin didn't get teeth until 13 months, so that's normal. But expect him to lose his teeth late, too. Erin just lost her firt at age 8!!

Mouthy Mom said...

He is just too frickin' cute for words! What a doll!!

Mouthy Mom