Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Missing In Action

Whew! I am so glad that Taylor told me that my blog was down!! I don't know what happened but I republished it and here it is. Hopefully this will take care of the problem. I guess that I shouldn't be messing around with the template anymore . . .
Not much going on here. We are winding down the preschool year for Asher . . . saying goodbye to speech therapists, etc. It is sad. I am not too excited for the next couple of weeks because anytime there is a change in Asher's schedule he tends to wig out! I am learning to dislike change as much as he does!
On another note, as summer approaches and bathing suit season hits, I find that I have put on five pounds!! Yes, I have officially fallen off of the Weight Watchers bandwagon. I seriously need some sort of motivation because even the Victoria's Secret catalogue that came today did nothing for me. I just love my chocolate chips and marshmallows too much (This is my latest binge snack of choice!) I like to mix them together in my mouth. Mummm. Okay, I am weird!
So, the unfortunate thing is that when I first lost some weight, I started giving my clothes away. Now that it is coming back, I have nothing to wear. I am in a quandary . . . do I go back on the diet or do I break down and buy new clothes? What to do, what to do? :)
Oh well, maybe the Mommy and Baby swim lessons that I signed up for with at least force me to face the issue at hand!


Proud SAHM said...

Go back on the diet!!! Take it from one who has a wide assortment of sizes in her closet!!! I need my motivation, too. Good luck!

Pieces of Me said...

wooohooo you are back...we have been wondering where you were!

Tee said...

LOL - finally you're back. I was wondering what you were up to.

As for the clothes - I've been there. Went on the Dr. Phil challenge and he says to throw away all your fat clothes so you won't be tempted to go back there. His logic is, "You can't go buy new clothes naked so you'll be careful not to gain the weight back, knowing you have nothing to wear", or something. Well, you can go to the store in jeans that are REALLY painfully tight to buy new ones. LOL.

Taylor said...

YAY! You are back! We missed you!!!

Diets are always a struggle. I just hate always having to restrict myself from something that I love. I have never done weight watchers but I probably should. I am just too shy and embarassed to go to the meetings or weigh-ins.

The South Beach Diet breakfast bars are really awesome (they are found in the granola bar section). Also, the 100 Calorie Packs by Nabisco are great. The Chips A'Hoy are the best!

Can't wait to hear more from you ;)