Sunday, May 01, 2011

Little People

They have taken over my life. I LOVE it!

Asher, who is not so little anymore (but I like to cradle him like a baby and pretend) is so generous and kind when he wants to be. He is so good at making up games to entertain his younger brothers. He also just beat Portal 1. An amazing feat considering that I cannot play that game for more then 10 minutes without feeling extremely nauseated.

Asher just bought (with game tickets at the roller rink) a blue heart shaped necklace that says "Best Friends". This gesture alone was so tender to me that I wanted to cry a little. I asked him who he was going to be giving it to and he told me. For 3 days I was so nervous that his friend might "reject" the necklace because it wasn't cool or something. Reject something that my little Asher thought of doing all on his own. My heart ached to protect him from this possible reality of life. That some things might not be "cool" for boys at his age. I guess that I shouldn't have worried at all because his friend liked the gift and ended up wearing it to school the next day as a bracelet. So sweet.

As Asher is getting older, I realize that there is going to be some hurt in life coming his way. Friends, girls, activities, just the normal things that life will throw his way. I am losing him to the big world out there because I know that I cannot protect him forever. I just hope that I can teach him who he is and whose he is. I love him so much. I am not ready for this!

Myles liked this science project because it was about batteries.

Myles is such a vocal little character. The questions that come out of his head blow me away. Can cats and dogs see in color? How does this battery/motor/device work? What is it like for babies inside their mommy's tummy? Who was Heavenly Father's father? Who was his father? There are so many things that he asks us on a daily basis, I really need to start writing them down. Who knows, maybe someday he will be able to answer a question that nobody else has been able to answer!

A couple of weeks ago, on the Friday that his class would be celebrating Easter, he was soooo excited to go to school. His class was also going to be going to the local Arctic Circle and ordering their very own food for lunch. He knew that this was going to be a big day and clearly had high expectations for it. He kept telling me, "Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever!". I love seeing him grow and get excited for things in life, things that can make his little soul happy to be alive. It is so simple sometimes.

Owen has been giving us yet another run for our money with his antics lately. He is so devilish sometimes that I just want to put him in permanent time out! I think that I have finally clued in to the source of the problem, XBox. Yep. The boy is addicted to Lego Indiana Jones. If I ask him to do anything else his reply is "boring..." - he is 4, for crying out loud! I know I need to nip this in the bud now before he gives up eating and sleeping. Ha ha!

Owen also informed me the other day, cause you know he is quite the Don Juan, that boys do not like girls with black hair. I asked why, because one of his various little loves has black hair. He couldn't explain it but just that he would no longer be liking this particular girl anymore. :( I told him that he could like what ever he wanted, blue hair, black hair, red hair. Fortunately, I think he changed his mind because 2 days ago this little girl came over to invite him to play. He didn't hesitate, only reverted to his bashful shy boy routine. I guess it works for him with the ladies... He now loves her again. She is his favorite. I was so worried you know! ;)

Sawyer is growing just way too quickly. He can now go up and down the stairs, a very important thing in his little life. He loves to travel the house at his leisure now. It is cute to watch him as it seems a whole new world has opened up to him. I am fine keeping it this way. I just wish I could do this with all of my boys.

Well, it seems I have to comfort him now as he is upset about some toys that rudely poked him in the bottom when he decided to sit down on them. It can be so hard to be little, you know.


skcoe said...

I LOVE Myle's attitude of tomorrow being the BEST DAY EVER! I think I may adopt this as my June theme, do you mind?

Your boys are so great. They owe it to a great mom!

Amy said...

Your boys are awesome. It's funny though... I've never actually heard Myles say anything. lol!

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