Thursday, January 06, 2011

Umm, no.

Myles asked me about poop last night. Yep. He wanted to know where it came from, how it was made, why we have it, and so on. I decided to pull out the Usborne book that we have about our bodies and how they work. It was our bedtime story book.

Owen and Myles patiently waited their turn to ask me their questions. "Why do we have one tube for food and one tube for air?" and "That is not really what a heart looks looks like a triangle!" (Owen)

After I finished explaining, in detail, how food works its way through our system, is broken down, nutrients removed, etc., Myles looked at me and said "So, poop is food?"

Me- "Yes, after our body has taken what it needs to grow."

Myles -"So, we can eat poop!?"

Me -"Ummm, no!"

Myles- "But some people eat poop."



"Myles, no. We don't EVER it poop....that is disgusting!"

I hope he will take my word for it.


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erica said...

double yuck.....and giggle, giggle :)

pattysue said...

.....but mommy, it looks like chocolate.