Sunday, January 16, 2011

It doesn't take a genius...

...but I think that he is pretty smart!

Tonight Myles was thumbing through Asher's scout book and pointing out the various activities that he wanted to do. When he reached the section on electricity, he was soooooo excited. Myles LOVVVVES anything that has to do with electricity. Batteries, wires, flashlights, toys, etc. I cannot tell you how many toys in our house are missing their battery covers, or how many battery covers are floating around- because Myles usually has to take them apart right away and examine the chambers, what size of battery the toy takes, and so forth. We actually have to limit the amount of batteries that Myles is allowed to go through in one day. We have also wised up and started taking him to DI to purchase the toys that we know he will be disassembling and rewiring.

Anywho, back to tonight. We read the explanation in the manual about how electricity travels from the source through an open and closed circuit. He immediately wanted to do the experiment. He proceeded to take apart a tiny key chain flashlight to rearrange the wires and batteries so he could test out the various ways in which he could get the light bulb to work. He even came up with an awkward looking circuit involving paper clips. It worked! When he went to bed, he snuck a larger flashlight light bulb into his room to experiment with. I wasn't supposed to know, until Owen blurted the news out... Myles said to me "Owen has a big mouth."

I love my little Myles. He is an different breed of boy but I am so glad that he is mine!!

**In my next post- Asher's microscope experiment using Myles' fresh blood after splitting his chin open. Never a dull moment, I tell you...***

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skcoe said...

That is AWESOME! Smart little boy, I tell you!

(Oh, and my book club. It's been going for about 7 years in my old ward and all the members began there but have since moved out. I finally gave in and joined about a year ago and love it, but I have a feeling that inviting friends is pretty taboo. I'll find out though, and will pass along all my book recommendations to you!)