Monday, June 22, 2009

Myles Turns 5!

My dearest little Myles,
In the last five years, you have taught me -

. . . that it is okay to march to your own beat!

. . . that people will understand you even if you use words like "ospee" (woopsie) and "causabe" (because).

. . . that you can get just about anything in life if you have big blue eyes and eyelashes that bat like a butterfly's wings!

. . . that there is a special bond between brothers that comes with the territory.

. . . that sleeping with treasures (i.e. Hotwheel cars, a birthday card, a paper airplane) can be a rewarding experience but,

. . . sleeping with a puppy who pees in your bed is not a good thing when you get in trouble for it!

. . . and that feeling on top of the world can come from something as simple as the joy you feel with the wind in your hair as your ride your airplane!

I love you little Myles. I am so so glad that you came to our family. I am so glad that you gave us the opportunity to love you . . . and that you give us such love back! Happy Birthday little one!


Erica said...

WHOA!!! 5 years old?? Where does the time go? What a beautiful child that little boy is! I love, love, love the ridable airplane! Miss you Zoe.....

briana said...

what a doll. time flies huh? i have been thinking of you. :)

pattysue said...

We miss little Milosh and the rest of the deadend gang. We will be there soon.

Lei said...

No. Way. Get out! He's 5? HaPpY bIrThDaY MyLeS! I am so sad I missed you while we were in UT. Pooh. I thought of you while I was racing though - guess what song I was listening too???