Saturday, May 16, 2009

Over and done with . . . for six more months

It has been almost two weeks since the bazaar and I feel like I am finally catching up with my life! It was such a great event. I feel honored to have been able to have been a participant.

The first night, I overheard a man talking to another crafter. He said, "So, this is like the who's who of artists in Utah county." *Smile* I know that there are a ton of other artist out there but I was pleased to be included in that statement, for that moment. :)

I wanted to do a little photo recap for the sake of posterity. :)

Gettin' my bags ready to go . . .

The opening night was a bit was frantic, as you can imagine. Jeremy and I were pretty prepared. Unfortunately, Jeremy wasn't feeling good at all. She managed to push through and with the help of her parents, we were able to get our booth assembled. (After spending about an hour on the doors alone!)

Setting up was like a whirlwind of crafty goods all over the place . I had to really concentrate on focusing my attention towards our booth and not drooling over the stuff being displayed around us.

When we noticed that other vendors were looking around and even checking out some of our goods, Jeremy and I realized that we had come down to the wire. No worries though, we were ready right as the clock struck 8.

I was pretty worn out but there was music pumpin' and adrenaline from the forming crowds! I did a quick walk through the booths to make sure that I didn't miss out on getting first dibs on something that I had to have!!

**Cool D.J. guys with an electronic turn table. I made one put his had on it so that it could look like he was spinning some tunes!**

The greatest thing ever was seeing several of our friends show up to support us! It was so nice to see the familiar faces and share in the excitement with them. It really meant a lot to me.

Mandy, Kathy, and Tracy. You will notice that Mandy is holding my precious Stephenie Higgenbotham cupcake. Mine. All mine. :)

Julie and Stephanie

Teryl and Anna

The whole event was so much fun. I know that it was a success because of the support of friends and family! Thank you so much for all of you who could make it! Oh, and if you couldn't make it, don't worry, we have bunch of stuff in our shop too! :)


briana said...

so bummed that i missed out! i was on a girls trip with my sisters and mom. :( hope you are doing well!

.caroline armelle. said...

hey! that is so funny! i love your stuff. i die over your little girl aprons every time at the beehive bazaar. they are so cute!

about the wallpaper, i'll let you know for sure. i'm thinking about doing a bathroom, but yes, it's super expensive. but, let me do the math on what i will need and i will for sure let you know.

so glad you found my blog. keep in touch!

Jacobson Five said...

Everything looks lovely. Way to go. I'm glad yo got your shop up and running as well, good work.

Jed and Kathy said...

You did so awesome Zoe! It was fun to experience that night with you.. for a while anyway! Congratulations!