Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Homemaker!

Okay, so I have been terrible at blogging lately. I have an excuse though -several exciting things have been taking place here since we returned from Disneyland.
We have been doing some remodeling - making our house a bit more accommodating for the family, since we now realize that we will be staying here for a while.
One of the newest additions to our house in my new craft room . . . a.k.a. "Sterling's Office". LOL! Sterling is actually gracious enough to give me some prime space in our last unused room in the house.
We have been making a ton of trips to IKEA - slowly putting the room together. I will be posting some pictures when everything is set up but for now, I am excited about the one piece of furniture that I do have - the Varde counter storage unit. Ahhh, it makes me sooo happy. :)

I am trying to hustle and get my space set up so that I can get to creatin'! Jeremy and I (Ruby Market) have been selected to be in the Beehive Bazaar again! We are so excited. So we are working like crazy for the next 8 weeks until the big event! We are also really working hard to get our etsy shop off the ground. We have slowly been adding items to Ruby Market but so far we have been selling most of our wares locally. We will make Ruby Market official soon . . . until then you can check it out here.

And finally, I have joined the ranks of many Mormon housewives!! LOL! No really. I now have my own wheat grinder AND my very own Bosch mixer. Isn't it beautiful?!

Yes, I am now making wheat bread for my family weekly. In all seriousness, whether you are Mormon or not, the benefits of making your own bread are awesome! I really do love it . . . and it does bring a sense of satisfaction to pull those warm loaves out of the oven . . . ummm.
So, in a couple of months, I will be in my new craft room, putting the finishing touches on my bazaar crafts, weighing several more pounds from eating all of my new fresh bread . . . humm, I should watch out for that!


briana said...

i ripped my room apart and am moving upstairs as we speak! i can't wait to see yours all finished. how fun and exciting! YEAH for the bosch, bread and boy that bought it! :)

Nicole H. said...

HI Zoe! I love your cabinet with all the drawers. I need something like that. My office is now my moms bedroom, so I am relocating elsewhere in the house! I WANT A WHEAT GRINDER! NO FAIR! Have fun making bread, I love homemade bread, hint hint...

Erica said...

Bread? Did someone say bread?

Jed and Kathy said...

That's so funny because I just ground wheat yesterday and made homemade bread for the first time since I've been married. It is sooo much better, huh? I love it! And I'm not buying store bread unless it's an emergency:)

Lei said...

Oh so envious of the craft space!

It better be done by the time I'm there for the Wasatch Back Relay in June!

I totally wanna touch, see and smell everything!

Heidi P said...

Will you and Jeremey please do a bread making class for us mormon baking-impared moms?

Evey said...

First of all, i LOVE IKEA!

Second of all, where are the Disney pics? lol