Thursday, January 01, 2009

Our Christmas Days

**To be read to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas**

A few weeks before Christmas we decorated our trees,
And had about ten minutes of peace.

Then several days later, we had our first snowfall
Myles and Owen got dressed-boots and all!

Fifty-five neighbor gifts

One trip to Temple Square (with friends)

A big school performance
And Christmas Eve was finally here!

Now it's the night before Christmas,
The boys finally get the chance
To wear Mommy's handmade jammy pants

There are toys to assemble
And stack under the tree
And don't forget Prudence, our new puppy!

At a quarter past five there's a stir in the dark
The boys are ripping there stockings apart!

Two tiny airplanes
A set of Bakugan rollers
Several Hotwheels cars
But this last gift from Santa will melt there hearts!

So we bring in the puppy and it's love at first sight
The boys are so enamored they forget to fight!

Then we open all the presents
We have a great time
The party doesn't stop
Until well past the hour of nine

Thank you Grandmas and Grandpas,
Aunts and Uncles for the gifts
The boys will play with all of them in shifts

Sterling and I get the boys situated
And clean up all the paper wrap
And FINALLY stop to take a nice long nap!!


Heidi P said...

Are you kidding me that you just wrote a little song?! AND 55 neighbor gifts?! You and Sterling need to be meaner or something, and get rid of some of your friends! :) Looks like fun! Glad the puppy was a hit! Bring him over sometime. (After he pee's outside)

briana said...

are you kidding me? i thought about doing the 12 days of christmas, but wasn't clever enough. we could've been separated at birth. WIERD! i had lotsa neighbor gifts....only purchased, not handmade! YUMMY btw! and love your new puppy. so cute!

Rachel White said...


I'm a little behind and just noticed your {overly} generous comment on my blog. :) Thanks for the ego boost - it was much needed on a Monday morning!

You have a very cute family. I admire your crafting abilities with three boys. How do you do it? I need to know your secret!


Lei said...

That was far too cute. I love all the pictures!!! Are you still moving here?!?! Funny aside - Andrew told me yesterday one of his old friends was coming to town on business and he wanted to have him over for dinner or something. I was unenthused (and I know the guy). He said, "Hey if it was one of your old friends you'd be excited. You like to entertain." I told him truly I am so tired, I wasn't sure about that. Then you popped into my head and I said, "Unless it was ZOE!"


Lisa said...

you make reading blogs so entertaining. Thanks and looks like you had a very happening holiday. I believe that you only had 10 mins of peace.