Friday, September 26, 2008


I know that I have been posting a few YouTube videos lately. Some of these are just so great that I want to share them with you! Like this Twilight trailer spoof.
If you have been eagerly waiting for the movie to come out in November and you have seen every movie clip, teaser, and trailer . . . then you ain't seen nothin' yet! Check this out. :)

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Vampire Princess said...

OMEC!!!! I LOVE this video! I emailed it to all my friends! It's hilarious!!! Really! Now my 5yr old little sis, every time someone asks her if she wants a snack she'll be like
"you brought a snack. So what now he's coming after me? NO! He wants my candy bar."
everyone always stares at her and asks her where she got that from. She'll laugh and then point at me.