Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend in St. George

This past weekend we went down to St. George to visit Sterling's parents. They have built a beautiful retirement home down there that is just so peaceful (until we show up with our three boys, that is). So, this was our last "hoorah" before the start of school.

The boys had a great time playing in the pool. It was nice to see Asher's "skills" as he is becoming a better swimmer, still no Michael Phelps but we are working on it!! LOL! Owen and Myles enjoyed staying in the shallow end of the pool, organizing each and every floating device that grandma and grandpa owned.

Sterling also relaxed by providing a water show for the boys. Above you will notice his interpretation of some type of unknown fierce water creature.

Sterling was also able to finish reading the wonderful, amazing, rewarding, and suspenseful finale of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. Yes, not just for teenage girls and adult women! *sigh* (I LOVED IT!)

We also celebrated Grandma's birthday. Asher helped Grandpa make the cake and all of the boys were more that eager to help them eat the cake. Owen, apparently not satisfied with his own portion, decided to work on Asher's.

We even made it over to Gunlock Reservoir for a nice boat ride. After a while, I was brave enough to get on the inner tube. (I did not grow up around water so therefore strapping a plastic device to my feet AND battling the element of water at the same time is not too appealing . . . this was a big step!)

Sterling broke me in gently, only taking me over a few wakes. We then convinced Asher that he could do it. After a few minutes he wanted to go faster and I was scared that I was going to have to bail on my dare devil son. I survived. ( . . . and enjoyed myself as you can see from the giddy "hehehe" look on my face!)

In between all of the festivities, I managed to get some painting done on a few wood pieces that Russ had carved. Unfortunately, Owen also thought that he would create some artwork. I almost had a heart attack!! Kay and Russ handled it really well though. They insisted on taking a picture of the artist with his art work to immortalize the event. Russ joked about putting a frame around it too, rather then painting over it. Ah yes, I am glad that we all could laugh about it . . .

My masterpiece pictures are yet to come. In usual Zoe fashion, I wasn't able to finish my work soooo, you know what that means!? We are just going to have to go back down for another visit! :)


Erica said...

You look so relaxed on that tube! You would never know you were scared for your life! Sterling read the twilight series?? Hmmm, Scott said he'd see the movie but pass on the books...dang. Owen looks so innocent in that picture with his masterpiece!! Glad he lived through the weekend!

Kathy said...

How fun for you guys! And what good grandparents to not even get upset about Owen. :)

I'm glad you got some down time to play and have fun! You deserve it!

Heidi P said...

Fun!! Isn't swimming great for kids? Gets all the wiggles out, while I get a tan, then we all go home and sleep great!! ;)