Friday, February 22, 2008

A Month (or so) of Firsts

Oh where, where, where do I begin?!! Okay, first, and update on the Rubik's cube (*%$#!!?) thingy - still not solved!!! Grrrrr. I can get two rows done but alas, it is that last row that gets me every time. I have even consulted the internet for help but all I can find is a series of about 50 algorithms that I am supposed to complete. And there are people who do this with no help?! (scratching my head . . . )

So, I have a lot to catch up on. The first and most exciting event was that Asher turned 8 in January! Our little baby is growing up. Sniff. We had a rockin' party for him - lots of friends - lots of boy sweat! I think that he loved it.

Well, as you may know, along with turning 8, Asher also became an official Cub Scout. This has been a learning experience for us both as we have already learned the "Cub Scout Motto", secret hand shake, secret code names, etc. Okay, well they are not really secret but let me tell you, these boys take scouts very seriously. I mean, it is like a whole organization . . . . gosh! LOL!

Asher also had his first Blue and Gold Banquet in which he was awarded his "Wolf" badge . . . . such an over achiever. :)

Of course, another exciting event was Asher's baptism. This was a wonderful experience as we were able to have both sets of grandparents there. Asher has been anticipating (and slightly fearing) this day for a year now. He didn't like the idea of being dunked under the water. We practiced, we prayed, we talked about it, and we made it . . . well, barely.

Just as Sterling and Asher got into the font, those up close (who were mostly children) could hear Asher start to panic and say "Daddy, I don't want to do it - I don't want to do it!!" This worried me but I knew that he meant going under the water - not actually being baptized. Sterling was firm and fast. He quickly said the prayer and pushed Asher under the water, just as Asher started freaking out and kicking his legs, but he made it.

Apparently, Myles thought this was amusing and started laughing hysterically- which also got the other kids laughing. Oh yes, it just cannot be typical in our family. Nope.

Speaking of Myles, we also encountered our first allergic reaction this past month. Not to be crude, but Myles woke up one morning with such a terrible rash that I rushed him to the doctor and I think that my first words were something to the extent of "What the *$#@!!?? is it?!" Amoxicillin. Now we know. Poor little Myles suffered silently for about a week. He is such a trooper.

We also we to our first "Monster Jam" and boy - let me tell you! The boys were mesmerized. It was a smash hit. I even enjoyed it myself. We almost left Owen at home but we could not find a babysitter. I am so glad that we didn't though as he was the most enthusiastic of them all!! He was yelling and clapping. He was even chummin' it up with the people around us, giving them high fives - I just don't know where he gets this social spirit from! :)

Even with ear plugs the boys still thought that it was a bit loud for them!

Okay, well, I think that this just about covers everything!! LOL! Oh wait, I almost forgot! We also went sledding at the beginning of January. The boys loved it. It was a first for little Owen. I think that these pictures pretty much sum it up!

We just could not get his little gloves to stay on . . . poor baby!


kirsten said...

wow - what a packed post!

congrats about the baptism - my daughter will have her time in july. that is so crazy!!!

my boys would LOVE the monster jam - but we've yet to attempt it...

Lei said...

I love it. You make me laugh because I just know you so well, and when I read your posts it's like talking to you on the phone!

So happy the baptism was successful. Phew! And I love all the pics!

Evey said...

Love all the updates. The pics are great.

tarable said...

Hi - found your blog a while ago and enjoy reading about your family (I have 3 boys too). I am always impressed by your craftiness too. My 21 month old just had an allergic reaction like yours - to amoxicillin too. He looked just like Myles.

utmommy said...

You sure have been busy.

Congrats on the baptism and for the scout award!

M and I are both allergic to amoxicillan too. It's an awful thing. I feel so bad for poor little Myles.

Dee Light said...

It sounds like you have had a lot going on!! Your boys are sooooo cute!

Those little gloves don't stay on my little one either.

Scouts are really a great experience. I was never involved as a kid, but my daughter is a Girl Scout and it has been a great experience.

Candice said...

YEEHAW! Does this blog update mean you are over that darn Rubik? I hope so because I will be there soon and I can't have you distracted by a 4x4 multi-colored cube. :)

You have a beautiful family and KUDOS to your trooper for taking the big plunge!!!

Erica said...

Scott and I laughed o had at all these pics! Asher as a scout is too flippin cute!! Well I can't decide which one I like more. This one or the one of him in his three piece suit!! Oh my gosh! Myle is hilarious with the rash! I love the sledding pics too! They are like out of a magazine or something! I miss you guys! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! Permanent marker me in!

Erica said...

That was supposed to say...Scott and I laughed so hard at all these pictures!! TYPO!

Misty said...

I love updates.... especially ones packed with photos.....

Lisa said...

Wow, Asher had quite the month. What an exciting time. OK, that rash on Myles is about saddest rash I've ever seen. Hope he's doing better.

Heather Grilliot said...

We had our first Monster Jam back in January with the twins, they loved it, hubby and I were not as impressed :)