Thursday, November 01, 2007

ATC Twilight Series Swap

I just sent out my cards for an ATC swap based on the Twilight series. I had so much fun doing this one! I thought that I would post my "card" here because I am quite proud of it! :) Hopefully, for those of you that have read that books, it will make sense. I named it "October, November, December, January" from the New Moon book.

I also wanted to post some pictures from a Twilight book club that I went to that was sooooo cute!! All of the food had a vampire/werewolf theme. Some of the things that people came up with was very clever. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that night so I am going to have to get the pictures from my friend. I will have to share those pics later.

My friends and I did make our own t-shirts to wear to the party. (Okay, we are really dorky moms, huh?!) I created the iron on's so I thought that I would share those images with you. If anyone wants me to email them a jpeg of the image, for their own iron on's just let me know! :)


MarilynH said...

Zoe, i love your ATC!!!! I am so thrilled that I get one!! what a clever theme, too. Don't you just love how Stephenie showed the passage of those several months in New Moon?
so...are you an Edward or a Jacob fan? You can even go vote on the Twilight Saga website. hee heee

I just posted my ATC on my blog so I was happy to catch yours here. :)

Amanda Elton said...

Zoe, I loved getting your card in the mail the other day! How beautiful! You must be very photoshop savvy... I am jealous of your club--was it just once or do you guys meet often?