Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Darlings!!

I am so happy for the spirit of this wonderful season . . . I wish that it didn't have to end so abruptly on the 26th! I love that for one month out of the year, most of the world comes together to remember each other more then themselves. I love that our lives are filled more with music and happy thoughts, with efforts to make traditions and memories.
I love seeing Christmas through my children's eyes. This year, I tried to teach Asher a little bit more about the idea of doing more for others then ourselves. I had him pick out his own gifts for his friends and family members. I hope that between the myriad of gifts and activities, he can experience that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes when you know that you have touched someone else's heart. I want to have that feeling throughout the whole year - yet, there is just something extra special about it when you know that the majority of people around you are experiencing it as well.

One final thought that I wanted to share was my joy and utter love for the Savior who truly did make this season what it is. I know that Christ has touched the lives of many people all over the world, for various reasons. People of different religions, races, standards, and beliefs have all felt the powerful effects of His teachings and examples. It is miraculous to witness that, no matter who we are, we can pull together for this one month out of the year to have His example shine a little bit brighter in our lives. I am so grateful for this.

So, my love to everyone on this eve of the holiday. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas with those around you and that we all can savor the true meaning of the day. Merry Christmas!

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Sandy said...

Oh, I know the feeling, it's such a long build up to the 25th, and then on the 26th, life is back to normal and you're like...huh?
a belated Christmas to you and Happy New YEar!