Monday, June 05, 2006

Leilani's Meme

My friend Lei is so patient with me and she always has faith in me that I will respond to one of her tags! I am excited to finally have time to reply. So, here goes . . .

7 things that I cannot do:
~Run very far (I think a 5k is the most I'll ever be able to do)
~Get up consistently early every morning and get ready for the day (sad I know, but I have a feeling that I am going to have to learn to do this really soon when the third baby comes!)
~Dance (I dream of being able to!)
~Eat green beans
~tolerate injustice
~deny my beliefs

7 things that attracted me to my spouse:
~His ability to truly make me feel safe and secure
~His belief in me
~His dreams
~His friendship with me
~His intelligence
~His incredible patience . . . with me
~His tender side

7 things that I say often:
~Hello Handsome. (to all of my boys)
~How's my monkey? (to Myles)
~I guess that, these days, I mention my "verbena" often (according to my mother). My "verbena" is aka my "beautiful flower" etc.
~Hell No! (when I really want to state my opinion about something!)
~Come and snuggle me. (To any takers in my house)
~Yes sweetie. (I think that every mother has this phrase in their repertoire)
~Uh oh!! (More often then I'd like to say it!)

7 Authors that I love:
~Charlotte Bronte
~Terry Olsen
~Jane Austin
~Kate Chopin
~Neil Maxwell
~Orson Scott Card
~Viktor Fankl

7 Movies that I could watch over and over:
Well, I am kind of like Leilani on this one. I really hate to watch a movie more then once. My husband hates it! But, I do have a few that I think are pretty good.
~Napoleon Dynamite
~Somewhere in Time
~Office Space (I know, I know)
~Jane Eyre
~Princess Bride


Bumbling Bav said...

I knew I liked ya. It is the whole bonding over the green beans. Bla yucky bla.

5k is good enough for this chick.

I can't sing... but I do

I struggle wih my beliefs lately... I need to get my head around a few issues and find out what "I" really believe and not what others do.

Zoe said...

Bav- you are awesome!! I think that I always have to re-evaluate where I stand to keep myself in check. It can be hard!

Nettie said...

You call running a 5k not far? That much would kill me. And I think that it is great you are so cuddly with your kids. Makes me feel guilty for announcing, "I am not a couch." on a regular basis. Not that I don't appreciate cuddles, I just prefer to be a "cozy chair."

Lei said...

I am rofl at verbena... and I can't stop!!! Great, now I am crying, too.

Hey - surely you know you can make a fun boy version of those burp cloths. Think of all the great material out there with cowboys and stuff! I have a couple from Drew I'll have to show ya. ;)

Gabriela said...

a 5-K is an accomplishment! I can't get up in the morning either, and I have 3.

What a fun read!

Stephanie said...

I will never run a 5K and I like green beans. Can we still be friends.

Tee said...

Hey - cool meme :) I have all the same "can't do" except green beans. They're cool with me. LOL.