Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I know that I have been a "laim-o" blogger lately. I have been taking it really easy these days. I am happy to say that I made it home from my trip without the assistance of a wheelchair! Thank you for all of your comforting comments. It helped me to know that I am not the only one who has had "butt cramps"! :)
When I got home, I called my Dr.'s office to get some physical therapy set up and they sent me to labor and delivery out of fear that I was actually in labor. Well, of course I wasn't (I told you . . . it is a butt cramp)! But, they did tell me that I had "irritable uterus" where my tummy was contracting a bit too much. They told me everything that I needed to do- don't pick up Myles, take it easy around the house (yeah, right), drink lots of water, etc. They also told me that my rearend pain was in fact my Siatic Nerve. Well, I have to admit that after taking it easy for a couple of weeks, my bottom does hurt nearly as much as it used to. I bet that you were on pins and needles to hear that, huh?! LOL!

I wanted to post a few pictures from our vacation. We celebrated Myles' second birthday while we were in Texas. My little sweetie, I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up. I just love him sooooo much!!!

Here is a picture of the simple entertainment that kept my boys busy for hours in my parent's backyard. Too bad that I don't have a fence here at home because Myles just takes off with every chance he gets!

This is a picture of my boys with Grandpa the day that we left. They were not happy to go. (Neither was I!) Fortunately, Grandma and Grandpa will be out here soon when the new baby comes.

P.S. I was just looking at this picture of my boys with my dad, I cannot believe how opposite they look!! I promise that they came from the same dad!! LOL! Actually, Asher (on right) looks more like me and Myles (the little albino) looks like Sterling. I am curious to see how this 3rd boy is going to look!


Stephanie said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I think that sandbox sand is magic. We are almost finished with the fence so that Tess can't leave either...the little Houdini (sp?)

I am happy for you that your "butt cramps are feeling better. I have never had that happen, and I hope I never do. I am so sorry.

I have polar opposite kids too...same dad, and we are BOTH dark. Our baby is the odd one out and I get asked all of the time if they have different dads, while my DH is right there. She looks surprisingly like his little sister though.

I am glad you are back!!!!

kate said...

of course your uterus is irritable, it's working really hard these days!

i'm glad the sciatic nerve pain is lessening. i remember feeling like dancing when mine went away. i was bowing down to my physical therapist bigtime.

smartmama said...

glad you are taking it easy... asher does look like you- or the young you!

my boys look very different it is funny how that genetic lottery works

Maine Mom said...

Glad you're feeling better and you had a fun trip!
Our little boy has blonde hair and blue eyes, and the rest of us have dark hair and either brown or green eyes. He does look like everyone else though.
It is funny how the same parents can create children that look so different.

Stephanie said...

Zoe, I thought you might check this before you make it back to my blog. I am a born and bred Utahan. Right now we live in North Davis County. I have never been to S.S. I hear it is beautiful though.

Tee said...

Awh! Grandpa looks so happy! LOL.

The boys are BOTH precious! I can't wait to see the baby.

My older son is darker than our younger one, too. I have often wondered if I had like 20 kids, what all the different combinations could be... I'm not crazy enough to try though! ROFL! ;)

Take it easy, chica!

Nettie said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! And that you made it safely back home. What a great idea for a sandbox. And isn't fun to imagine what new babies are going to look like?

Bumbling Bav said...

OH what wonderful pics! MY kids all look very different as well. And yes they too have the same dad.

I am glad the BUTT PAIN is getting better!

Gabriela said...

What great pictures, looks like you had a great time. Glad the butt troubles have subsided! :)

Lei said...

Love those cute boys... and glad things are looking up. Love ya! ;)