Friday, May 26, 2006

A light at the end of the tunnel?!

Hello there blogging buddies. I have so missed reading up on all of you and seeing how your lives are going! I feel like it has been a lifetime. Hopefully nothing too serious has happened to anyone - unless of course, it is good stuff! :)

I finally finished my last round of picture taking for the Little Scholars Preschool today. Yesterday and today were the graduation ceremonies and I had to sit through 8! Let me tell you, if I ever hear a song like " R E D, red, R E D, red, I can spell red" again, I think that I am going to have to shoot myself in the head! I cannot even get the songs out of my head when I sleep. Fortunately, we are going to Texas for a two week vacation next Wednesday and I think that I will be able to detox and recuperate while I am there.

So, here I am, balled and chained to my computer for the next 3-4 days . . . until I finish designing these books! I am getting close to finishing . . .Yippeee! However, something very strange is going on with my computer right now, it is saying that I have zero disk space left. I thought that it was virtually impossible to fill up one's harddrive. As fate would have it, Sterling is gone right now too. So, I have no idea what I can do . . . and I am not about to erase all of my precious stuff!!! Humm, maybe I am a computer pack rat. LOL! Oh well, this has given me a good break to blog without feeling guilty!
Okay, I just have to say something about all of the season finalies that I was able to fit in.
1) Grey's Anatomy- I am soo sad that Denny died. :( However, I think that I knew that that was going to happen.
2) The Office- They finally kissed!!!! Yeeeee haaaaaa!!!!
3) Desperate Housewives - what the . . . I actually think that this show is getting out of control. I don't think I will be watching next fall.
4) Alias- (Okay, Evey, I haven't checked in yet to see what you thought about it so I am going to have to find out what your opinion is, but . . . ) BUST!!! I was sooooo disappointed. They string us on for five seasons and at the end, Prophet 5 gets taken out with no incident. The Rambaldie ( I don't know how to spell it) stuff is not fully explained, other than that it can give eternal life, blah, blah, blah. I was bummed. The only thought that I had (do to some possible foreshadowing at the end) is that perhaps Isabelle, Syd and Vaughn's daughter, might be a little Alias prodigy and that maybe, someday, there will be a sequal series. What do you think?
5) Lost!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!!! I love this show!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, I love it, I love it. That is all I can say.
6) The Amazing Race- I didn't get to see it but, I heard that the hippies won!!! Yeeeeeee haaaa! I was soooo rooting for them.
7) American Idol- Again, I didn't get to see it but, I am so happy that Taylor won. I think that he is truly a unique talent. I love it when the underdog wins!
Okay, there, now I got to get all of that conversation out! :)


Lei said...

Hey! Glad you're still alive! So, Texas huh? Got time to swing our way?!?! (If I could travel I would totally come to you)


Bumbling Bav said...

OK the whole, DHW.... um I think I will be tuning out too. Maybe they should have killed of a main person so we can get some new fun in there.

AI... good for Taylor. I thought my husband was gonna cry, he was so proud that he picked Taylor from the start. LOL. My man takes his AI seriously!

Nettie said...

I didn't know it was possible to fill a hard drive, either. Can't it just keep compressing itself or something? Good luck finishing the books! And have a fun trip!

Zoe said...

Nettie, it turns out that it was full!! Too many designs I guess. My husband had to transfer a ton of files. Humm, I will have to start burning some CD's!

Julie said...

Just have to say (from a lurker): I so agree with you on 3 and 4.

Kenna said...

Can't wait to see the book designs you've been working on! That's a ton of work. It will feel so great when you're finished!

Evey said...

Sorry it has taken me so darn long to get myself over here and respond to this post:)

First I think we def disagree on the Alias finale! I loved it. I do agree that the whole Prophet 5 thing was a little odd. But at the same time I dont really think they had the time. I think some things though like the whole Rambaldi stuff was left where it was for a reason. Who knows if there will be anything in the future but I think they left it like that on purpose so that it would somewhat satify for now but if they wanted to continue with something in the future they have left that door open. I personally love what happened to Sloan, it was the perfect ending to his story.

Lost WAS amazing also, I love that show and I am so glad I have it and Greys Anatomy to fill the void left by Alias. I have never watched DH and probably never will.

Hope your doing well and your little baby is growing nice and healthy!

Bumbling Bav said...

hello, just checking in!

Gabriela said...

I just started watching Grey's Anatomy. Who the heck is Denny? (we are a few weeks behind here).

Bumbling Bav said...

just checking in.