Sunday, March 26, 2006

Busy Weekend . . .

This weekend went by way too quickly. I am actually kind of excited for the week to start because this Thursday . . . yes, this Thursday, we get to find out the sex of our baby! I have made it known to the world that I am expecting this baby to be a girl. I have two boys, whom I love very dearly, but it is time for another girl in the house! So, I will have to keep you posted. Of course, I will be excited just to hear that the baby is healthy . . . that alone will be wonderful news.

So, this weekend we had our niece, Nicole, come over and spend the night. I had been promising to teach her to sew for a while now. She is quite the little creative genius. She is very artistic, she knits, sews (she taught herself the basics), writes poetry . . . like the daughter I never had! He he!

Anywho, Asher was sooo excited for the company that I decided he should be involved as well. I might add that Asher himself is a very talent little artist. After all, he is my son! :) :)

We made these cute little "Cozy Kittens", compliments of Amy Butler's free patterns. They were so fun and easy! I highly recommend them for anyone who has children. Of course, I did have to help Asher a bit with the sewing. When we finished, the kids were both so proud of their creations!

Asher noticed that some of his sewing scraps looked like a shark. He very carefully pinned the pieces together and asked me to sew them. He stuffed and hand sewed the ends together all by himself. I am so proud of his creativity!

The next day, we decided to do another project. Thanks to Lyn's bracelet tutorial, we had another reason to use the sewing machine and practice sewing hand sewing. I was surprised that Asher wanted to make his own bracelet! Here is a picture of Nicole's take on the bracelets.

All in all it was a successful weekend. I will say that I was not prepared for all that having a 12 year old visitor entails! She is wonderful and I love her. However, she can really talk! Even Asher, who is a little jabber mouth, said, "Nicole, you sure do talk a lot!" That is the pot calling the kettle black! I think that he wasn't use to fighting for talking time! I know that I was probably that way as a child . . . who am I kidding, I am still that way!!

After we took Nicole home, my dear husband let me take a long nap . . . in my room . . . with peace and quiet!


moe said...

That sound lovely. The stuffy's you made were awesome. I am sure Nicole went home with very fond memories. That is something she will remember when she is grown up. And you're so lucky she will make a great babysitter soon.

My niece 15yo was holding my 1yo at church on Sunday and I was thinking When my little one is 15 she will very likely be holding my niece's baby that way.

Oh, it goes SO fast!


Best wishes for a HEALTHY girl or boy.

smartmama said...

how fun- yep with two boys we were scrounging hard to find something for pink day at preschool...

love creative weekends-- we cleaned the basement...and put more shelves in the studio and playroom

Jen Stewart said...

What cute ideas!
Thanks for the links for the free patterns
Samantha has been bugging me about teaching her how to use the sewing machine. I have NO IDEA how to teach her how to use the sewing machine :) Maybe I"ll come over for some helpful hints :)

Nutella said...

I love sewing. I can't wait to have more time to do it. I love the bracelets!

Lei said...

So cute, Zoe! I love those stuffed (animals?) Lol... and way to help Asher embrace his feminine side!

Girl, you know you can't even stay quiet in your sleep! ;)

Waiting with baited breath for Thurs....


Evey said...

The stuffed animals are awesome. Fun times. Cant wait to hear about the baby.....keeping my fingers crossed for you that it is a girl!

Heather said...

Ahhhh, I don't know how cool I am, but I love you for saying it. I LOVE the name Stella, and NEVER hear it. Congrats on your little baby!!