Friday, October 14, 2005

My Creative Energy!!

I haven't posted for a while because I have been such a busy body with all of my little "projects" that I have been working on! I was so excited to show them off but alas, my husband has left town . . . with the camera. He has been in Vegas for the last few days on a business trip (it's a hard life, huh?!) so, I took advantage of these days to organize and minimize my MASSIVE pile of magazines. Yes, I have over 5 years of Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, and a few random other magazines that I just cannot stand to throw away.
At first, I had them filed neatly on my bookshelf. Then, that space ran out, so I started hiding them in stacks behind the books on my bookshelf. Well, finally when I couldn't fit anything else in my nightstands or computer table . . . I decided that I needed to take action.
Soooo, I have been carefully going through each magazine and cutting out the projects, articles, recipes, and ideas that I think were important or cool. Then, I put them in page protectors and catalogued them in a big three ring binder. Do I have a life . . . funny you should ask!!?? LOL!! The sad thing is that I feel so proud and impressed with my new binder full of clippings!! I keep looking through it like it is the coolest thing in the world. I keep thinking, I would love to look through this if I had a friend with one of these! LOL!! Okay, so I am a loser!! He he! Yes, I know that you all are just dying to see it now. Don't worry, as soon as I get that camera back into my hands I will take some pictures (yes, of my magazine pages!) to post. Okay, maybe I am a loser. Well, I still have a ton of magazines to go but I just keep thinking that I am creating an heirloom of information that I will someday pass on to my (yet to be born) daughters! LOL!


FreedomGirl said...

Um...are you seeing anyone for the OCD? I can give you the number to my shrink, if you need it. You know you need it, right?

Tee said...

What an awesome idea! I sooo need to do that. My grandmother and mother pass magazines onto me. I find so much joy in a big pile of magazines. I read Oprah, Glamor, Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, Taste of Home, Birds and Blooms, Readers Digest... I love them all! I treat them like books - I dont' know how people just chuck them... I have piles and piles on bookshelves and shoved under my bed... When we moved earlier this year I managed to donate a bunch to my son's school to cut up in art class. That was hard. LOL.

Evey said...

I cant wait to see it. I too have a hard time parting with old magazines. what a great idea u had.

Mandi said...

Fantastic idea. I have a hard time buying magazines at the store... so recently I've taken up getting subscriptions!

I also have a hard time chucking them, but I'm getting better as space is limited with the addition to our family! Thanks far the idea!