Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Office

Inappropriate Remarks.
Petty Behavior.
Zero Productivity.

All in a day's work.

This is the intro for the official website and it doesn't even come close to the comedic angst that this show gives viewers! Sterling and I sat in agony as we watch the season premiere tonight! The Office is so painful to watch- I never thought that there could be so much humor in social awkwardness. I think that this show really captures some of the most realistic human flaws that people can have and pulls them all together into one sitcom. Sadly enough, I swear that I know some real life people who these characters could be patterned after! I could even fit in comfortably with this crowd!! I have to say that I get anxiety just hearing some of the comments that are made. This is one of those shows that ropes you in . . . you just sit there thinking, "Oh no he didn't just say that?!" I love it!!


Anonymous said...

This show brings back painfull memories of working in an office 9-5pm.

Man I'm glad those days are over and I can work at home for longer hours and less pay.

What was I thinking!


Evey said...

Ah The Office. We watched the season premiere as well and thought it was funny too. I like Steve Correl, he is a great comedian. If you like this version of the office you should try renting the BBC version, its even better.