Monday, July 11, 2005


Okay, so what is the deal!!?? I am an adult women who, all of the sudden, is reverting back to puberty!!! I actually just deleted all of the juicy details of my rampage of anger! Sorry, didn't want to bore you all with my mood swings!! I just have to vent and I think that typing it out helped me. So, let's just say that mommy is not having a good day!!!! and . . . point me to the chocolate!!!! :)

Why . . . why, why do we as women get these little treasures of psychoticness? Well, I am going to have a pity party for myself now, maybe I will even cry. Who knows, I will see how I feel after finishing off the ice cream in the freezer! :) Lata'

PS Did I mention that in the middle of looking and feeling so lovely today I ran into one of my old college roomates?! One that my boyfriend, after breaking my heart, asked for her number?!! Yes, and, she hadn't changed a bit! She looked gorgeous and skinny and like Nicole Kidman . . . just add that on to my day!


Tee said...

PMS sucks big time. We are at the whim of little hormones bouncing around in our bodies. :p

I would have liked to read your rant. Don't delete it next time. LOL.

Oh, and I HATE running into people I know when I'm looking shlumpy, but what are you going to do? You know?

Hang in there until next week! :)

Sandy said...

oooh, sorry about your bad PMS. We got it the same time!
I'm with Tee, sometimes rants are great to write and great to read too!
now pass the chocolate please...

Pieces of Me said...

OK this is perfect cause I am PMSing right now! I am so mad right now I could scream and rant and should I blog? I would hate to do that since I have never done a rant post yet but gosh I am so mad! TTYL

Christina said...

I feel for ya!! Hormones are no fun and believe me...I've had plenty of the days that you're describing.

Feel better!!