Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Dear Teryl,
Would you please tell us how we can keep our hair from looking greasy when we don't wash it?
Thank you, A Concerned Grease Head


Sterling said...

Yeah, Teryl does a great job with hair cuts. Got mine done recently and now the ladies flock to me.

Teryl's tip for today... said...

For greasy hair I usually suggest shampooing, especially if it has been awhile since your last shampoo.Although it is Easter time and a cute hat could take you through a few extra days. No really, I recently heard a tip on the radio that I suggest to my clients complaining of greasy or unruly hair. You mix two Tbls. of kosher salt with your shampoo,then rinse and shampoo again, then condition.When using conditioner, concentrate on ends of your hair especially if you tend to have more oily hair and scalp.This "hair scrub" is great especially if you use a lot of product. Have a good "hair day"!

anna said...

That really is a great tip i used it the other night and it worked great. Thanks.